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Share A Story of the #SUPERDAD in Your Life for a Chance to Win $100 from MAM

If you have a little who takes a paci, than more than likely they a biased to a particular brand. My oldest has always used MAM. From the time she was hours old through now MAM has been one of our best friends! 

MAM wants to hear your stories about the #SUPERDAD in your life. Enter now for your chance to win $100. 

“While raising a child is a rewarding experience, parenting comes with a lot of responsibility. Staying organized, maintaining a social life, and getting enough sleep while attending to the needs of your LO(s) 24/7 is a difficult task! In honor of Father's Day, MAM wants to recognize all of the amazing and hardworking dads out there!”

Share a story about the #SuperDad in your life with MAM atwww.facebook.com/mambabyusa using #SuperDad and #Contest for a chance to win $100 worth of prizes!

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Let's chat? What do you love most about the super dad’s in your life?
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