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Little Swimmers Swim with Ease Thanks to SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainers

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We're so excited to finally be kicking off summer, and there's been no better way to do it than to make a big and safe splash in the pool! School has been out for nearly three weeks already, and we've already been swimming four times. With summer trips and mini-vacations around the corner, we're looking forward to lots more pool time, and this summer, I'm resting a little easier thanks to knowing my youngest child is testing her little fins safely thanks to SwimWays.

Splash Safely into Summer with SwimWays!

Both of my little fishies started out getting used to the pool in SwimWays spring floats. They helped them become acclimated to the water while keeping them safe and comfortable. As they floated with mom, dad, or a grandparent at their side, they gained confidence in their ability to enjoy and respect the water. We've always been quick to explain the dangers of the pool, without scaring the kids. We've found wonderful tips both from SwimWays as well as from their grandmother, who was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons when she was younger. 

As I had my own near-drowning experience in a pool with a family member when I was a young child, I've made a promise to myself and my kids to teach them to swim at a young age. I'll admit that I tend to become nervous when the kids are in the pool, and with two of them, it's definitely more challenging to watch them both at once. Thankfully, my oldest child (8 years old) is a fantastic swimmer, and SwimWays played a big part in that.

Bean feels confident in the water thanks to her SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer.

My three-year-old loves to be in the water, and of course, she wants to be as fast and as active in the pool as her older brother. In time, she certainly will be, but for now, we're taking small steps and making a safe splash with the SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer. The Swim Trainer is the next step from the Baby Spring Float by SwimWays. 

I wasn't sure if Bean would take well to the Swim Trainer at first, but to my surprise, she slipped into it with ease. The wings simply fit over the arms, and the jacket closes and clasps in the back. It's fully adjustable, so your child can wear it safely and comfortable while still being able to move freely while swimming.

Since we've introduced Bean to the SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer, we've seen her swimming skills vastly improve in a short amount of time. She isn't afraid to break away from mom or dad and tread water or paddle to swim. Bean loves to put her goggles on and swim around in the pool with her brother. Mom and dad are always close by, and try to let her have a little freedom to explore the water and various ways to safely move about in the pool. We love and trust the SwimWays brand and know that our child is safe in the SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer. Knowing that they're an industry leader in helping kids learn to swim and in water safety leads us to choose their products season after season.

It's so important to us that our kids know how to swim. We realize that learning to swim at a young age could possibly save their life. The fun Paw Patrol design on the SwimWays Swim Trainer is easily recognizable by toddlers. Bean loves her Skye character Swim Trainer and is always excited to wear it in the pool!

Paw Patrol Swim Trainer Life Jacket 3D Chase & Skye are available at Target, and come in colors pink and blue. They're made with a soft fabric which is comfortable for kids to wear. We can't wait to splash the summer away in the pool with Skye and the SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer!

Want it? Get it!

Be sure to check out SwimWays for more great pool products, safe swimming info, and more! Look for the SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer at Target

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How do you plan to help your kids stay safe and feel confident in the pool this summer?
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  1. This sounds like the perfect thing to get for my daughter for summer!


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