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How to Have an Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

Be kind to the Earth.

It’s no secret that the world has woken up to all the different ways we can help save the planet. There’s no need to even enter the climate change debate; it’s common sense that the more we look after the Earth, the more it will continue to look after us.

But where do you start? If you’ve never thought about how to make your lifestyle more ecologically friendly before, then it can seem daunting. Well, the good news is that many organizations and initiatives have made it easier to do so by producing eco-friendly versions of popular products and services.

We’ve put together a quick guide to get you started. Hopefully this will help people everyone understand that switching to an Earth-friendly lifestyle means changing more than you think.

Switch to Green Energy Suppliers

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to every form of energy.

Recent years have seen many smaller energy companies pop up, which offer greener supply options for customers. Now, even the bigger companies have gotten on board, too. Whether they use wind, solar, biofuel, hydro or geothermal energy, switching to a greener energy plan is one way to do your bit for the longevity of the planet.

It’s easier to do when using trusted comparison sites, and organizations like Invenergy and Tesla push the envelope when it comes to developing renewable energy. For example, if you live in Texas, you can compare rates from a few different energy suppliers such as Just Energy for instance on the Home Energy Club website. Above all, comparing your options helps to ensure that you are getting the electricity that you need at the best possible price.

Change Your Diet

A diet is a personal choice for everyone, but even if you don’t want to go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and become vegan, there’s plenty of smaller positive changes you can make.
Popular initiatives like Veganuary and Earth Day aim to get the whole world involved every year by doing their bit to help the planet. Domestically, singer-songwriter Sir Paul McCartney continues to champion his late wife Linda’s Meat Free Monday idea all over the world. Going meat-free for one day a week could be enormously beneficial; people can still enjoy their diet of choice, but with the opportunity to explore other options weekly.

Alternatively, you could choose to start buying organic produce or even decide to grow food yourself!

Buy Cruelty-Free

Cosmetic animal testing is now illegal throughout the EU, but some countries, including China and the U.S., still allow it. While cosmetic animal testing is not a requirement in the U.S., there is also no ban in place in most states. However, it has become increasingly easier to buy cruelty-free products from all your favorite stores, making it an affordable and accessible option for everyone.

Companies like Lush, The Body Shop and Illamasqua provide makeup, bath products and skin products that are completely cruelty-free, and many of which are vegan. Supermarkets, such as Whole Foods and Walmart, stock plenty of cruelty-free options in various sections of their stores and at a range of prices. You only need to watch out for them.


Perhaps the oldest and most popular idea on this list is to recycle. Doing your bit at home by recycling glass, certain plastics and cardboard are great, but you can take it further.

You could decide not to buy single-use plastics in the first place, replacing plastic fresh produce bags with a reusable cotton mesh one and always carrying a canvas shopper. Or you could upcycle those items that are no longer useful, creating rag rugs from old worn-out clothing and repurposing empty sauce bottles for batches of pancake mix. The possibilities are endless!

Be Fashion Forward

In the modern world of fast fashion, choose to stand out from the crowd. Check local thrift stores and vintage warehouses before you head to the high street and customize existing clothing to your new style rather than buying the latest trends. You could also check out ethical clothing companies such as People Tree, Thought Clothing and Reformation for cutting-edge style without compromising on your values.

There’s no excuse not to stay informed with documentaries such as ‘Earthlings’ and ‘The True Cost’ available on Netflix, but hopefully, this list will help you put that new knowledge into action in your life.

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