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Eat 169- Exploring the 169 Towns of Connecticut

My husband belongs to a running group called run 169.  It is a group of people that race with the goal to hit all 169 towns in Connecticut.  Yesterday, Connecticut held it's Connecticut Open House event.  The event creates opportunities to explore the state's many museums, landmarks, and tourist attractions for free or reduced rates. There is nothing like learning the history of your hometown or home state.  In fact, I learned something about Connecticut that I didn't know- Connecticut spans just 110 miles from east to west and 70 miles from north to south.  

We explored the first prison in Connecticut built during the Revolutionary War.  The building or what is left of it has been closed for nearly 200 years.  To say it was humbling is not nearly sufficient to explain the experience. This prison doubled as a copper mining site.  The prisoners were paid to work the mines and to prevent escapes they were forced to sleep in the mines at night.  

Upon leaving, I was of course hungry for lunch and decided to use the map feature on my phone to find a quick place to eat.  It appealed to me to visit some place new and look into sharing the new places we visit to eat in Connecticut.  In an effort to explore more of my home state I am working to create a list of "Good Eats"  for the 169 towns in Connecticut.

Here is my list so far...

Meriden CT- Illiano's Ristorante and Pizzeria-  Hands down the best pizza place in Connecticut.  I was introduced to it by my boss for a pizza called the Big Mac Pizza-  It is literally a big mac minus the bun.  We go at least once a month.

Naugatuck CT- Maple's Family Restaurant-  Real home cooking here and it's a small, quaint place to have breakfast or dinner. 

Newtown CT-There is a tie here for my favorite places to eat because for a small town they have a lot of good eats.  My Place-  Italian Family Restaurant- They catered my wedding because I love the food so much.  You cannot forget the Exit 10 Diner- open 24 hours a day they have everything on their menu from snacks to a full sit down dinner. 

North Haven CT- There is a tie here too/  J Roo's and Liuzzi's Gourmet Market- J Roo's is a nice place to eat for burgers, pizza, and the best fried dough I have ever had.  There is never a time when the parking lot is empty.  Liuzzi's is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch.  You walk in the door and the smell of all the food the offer assaults you in the most delicious way.  If you aren't hungry walking in the door you will be before you leave.  They have amazing pre-made meals, a deli for making sandwiches, and offers gourmet ingredients for making meals at home. 

Simsbury CT- Old Well Tavern-  The is a bar type restaurant that has amazing food for a bar.  I was so impressed with the quality, quantity of the food provided and the service.  The prices are amazing too.

Waterbury CT- Spartan's-  This family operated restaurant is absolutely amazing.  They serve pizza and mostly Italian cuisine.  I love their wraps.

Watertown CT- Triple Play- This bar type restaurant is really busy all the time and caters to those interested in sports. Not a sports family, we still eat here because the food is amazing.  

I know I have a whole bunch more, but need to really think about my favorites to share with you.
I think we eat out too much!!
If you are local or just passing through check out my favorite spots and tell me what you think.
What are your favorite places to eat in your area?

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