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Do you want to design a hat? Here is how!

Customizable hats are a really popular product nowadays. This makes sense; why would you spend money on some random design when you can create your own?
There are lots of reasons why you should give these items a chance. First and foremost, you can create a fashion item that will suit your wardrobe. It can either match your current clothes or be in line with other clothing that you otherwise have. More importantly, custom hats are custom. You can’t find two of the same. This is what makes them special, not only in your eyes but also that of a beholder.

Most people buy custom hats online. There are lots of different stores where you can create a hat and then, order it. While the process is pretty simple and anyone can do it, there are still some considerations. In the end, you don’t want to make any mistake when creating your hat. Instead, you want to buy a product that will last for years.
Here are some things you need to consider.
  1. First, start by choosing the size
Size is the most important thing when it comes to hats. Although there are lots of different products to choose from and a lot of them can be adjusted, it is still much better to choose according to your size. You will also have to consider the sex as these hats may differ. When selecting the size, don’t make an approximation; make sure that this item is good for your head as you won’t be able to go back.
  1. There are lots of different types
What most people don’t realize is that there are lots of different hat types. Here, we’re not talking about some obvious differences such as that between hat and cap but instead refer to models such as snapback, strapback and fitted. These models may look similar but there are some noticeable differences. Among others, they have a different feel when you put them on. If you experimented with different hat types, you probably know what to choose.
  1. Basic color
Choosing a basic color can be tough. Most people choose their dominant color based on the color of the image or text. Basic color should provide a stark contrast to the image so it is more visible and so that the message is clearer. However, given that custom hats are all about trends and fun, you might as well go with any color you want. It is great because you can even pair several colors that don’t necessarily match but they fit your persona. Perhaps you think they’re crazy? Perhaps you want to go wild? Our tip is: just have fun with it and don’t concern yourself with what other people think!
  1. Image and text

Let’s be honest: everyone who has ever created a custom hat has done it for image and text. No matter what’s your idea, make sure to go wild with it. Some people like just images and logos, some prefer texts while others will try to combine the two. No matter what, make sure these two elements fit well together and of course, with the background. There are so many amazing things you can do with your message! When creating an image, in particular, you can let your creative side loose. Use your personal drawing or take something cool from the internet. You also have a lot of options in terms of the text. Choose the right color and font and make sure that everyone can see it!

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