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Dad Will Feel Like He's Walking On Air in the ADIDAS Terrex Free Hiker #MBPDadsandGrads19

Thank you to ADIDAS for the sample. All thoughts are my own.

When my husband and I were dating back in 2005, one of our favorite dates was to drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway with a picnic lunch, take little hikes through the mountains, and enjoy the beautiful drive. Some of those dates are still some of my favorite memories of our life together. Now that we're married with two kids, our life is even more full of adventure than we ever imagined it could be.

Hiking is just a part of our family DNA.

My hubby grew up taking day trips to the mountains with his family, where they would picnic and hike. I grew up in New Jersey and didn't really know anything about hiking until I moved to North Carolina at age ten. My husband introduced me to all things outdoors when we became friends (we were just teens at the time), and through the years, I've come to love and enjoy spending time in nature. 

Though we do still try to make time for last minute trips to the mountains and impromptu daytime hikes, we recently found that neither one of us really had proper hiking attire or footwear. If there's one thing my hubby is a stickler about, it's appropriate and supportive footwear that performs well.

I knew that we both needed hiking boots, but grimaced at the thought of either of us having to wear clunky, unattractive boots. Lucky for Sacha (and for me, too), we'll never have to worry about that, thanks to the ADIDAS Terrex Free Hiker.

I know what you might be thinking: ADIDAS makes hiking boots? I was pleasantly surprised to learn that indeed, they do! I loved ADIDAS shoes and sandals when I was in high school in the late '90s and early '00s. They were all the rage! It's so cool to know that the same brand I loved so well when I was a young adult is here to wow me once more.

The Terrex Free Hiker Boot is available for both men and women. We were excited to see how the Terrex Free Hiker Men's Boot worked for Sacha. He always seems to have trouble finding comfortable shoes for all types of activities and everyday wear.

Sacha's eyes lit up when they focused in on the Terrex Free Hiker Boots. We've been planning a family camping trip for this summer, and I know he can't wait to wear them when we're in the mountains. Right off, Sach loved the way the shoes looked. The design combines the favorite look we've come to love and expect from ADIDAS through the years, and also serves as a fully functional and extra comfortable hiking boot.

Sacha noted that these boots are snug- sort of like a hug for your feet. Before wearing them on a trail, he wore them to the grocery store and smiled as he said, 'I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. It's awesome!' Anyone who knows my husband knows that he's picky and critical of the products he buys and what he wears. He couldn't be happier with the way the Terrex Free Hikers look and perform.

Features of the Terrex Free Hiker Men's Boot

Lace closure
Water-repellent adidas Primeknit textile upper with abrasion-resistant weldings
Continental™ Rubber outsole for extraordinary grip even in wet conditions
Responsive Boost midsole
Ultra-lightweight and adaptable feel
Molded TPU toe cap
Heel cap for an unrestricted fit; stabilizing torsion system

The Terrex Free Hikers are more than comfortable. Sacha has worn them comfortably for walking and hiking for several hours at a time. I know he's looking forward to wearing them when we camp in a few weeks. We'll be in a remote area and will have to do a lot of walking through mountainous terrain. The Terrex Free Hikers are the perfect choice for an afternoon on the trail, a family camping trip, or a fun adventure. If dad's the outdoorsy type, he'll absolutely love and appreciate these amazing hiking boots from ADIDAS.

Want them? Get them!

The Terrex Free Hiker Men's Boots are the perfect choice for a Father's Day gift this year. Don't pass them up- be sure to look for them and lots of other great styles over at Adidas Outdoor.
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  1. These sneakers are really nice. I've been through the Blue Ridge Parkway a few times, it looks like a wonderful place to hike!

  2. We love these! They are awesome and I'm also looking into getting a pair for all of our summer camping and hiking adventures. I love the BRP, too! I've been to a lot of beautiful places, but honestly, nothing beats the parkway. It's just absolutely breathtaking. So cool that we've been able to enjoy its beauty as well!


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