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What to be careful of when you sign up for casinos that offer a no deposit bonus

Most casinos offer a bonus of some kind to attract new players to sign up to their site. In some cases, these are extremely generous, with promises of matching your cash deposits for your first, second, third and sometimes even fourth payment into your new account, along with extras like free spins. Others boast a different approach – offering a no-deposit bonus which means you can sign up and play without having to pay a penny into the account until the free cash runs out of course.

Both are attractive for differ reasons, but while it’s always tempting to leap at an offer that is basically giving you something for nothing it is wise to take a breath and make sure you understand all angles of the situation you are agreeing to. This helps avoid mistakes, misunderstandings, and possible regrets down the line.

No deposit online casinos –what to be careful of
You may smile when we say you should always read the terms and conditions of a casino’s no-deposit bonus. It’s a standard joke that few people bother to do this wherever the need pops up, so why would playing at an online casino be any different. Still, try to break any bad habits as the T & C’s probably contain information you would like to be aware of, to avoid unwelcome surprises later. Here are a few of the points you may discover.

There is a time limit
So you have an attractive, no deposit needed bonus sitting in your shiny new online casino account, and you feel good. You look at it often, and play the odd game or two, reluctant to lose the magical feeling of being ahead in a game. Then it is gone! It’s not unusual for no deposit bonuses to only last a few days, but if you didn’t bother to find that out then the disappointment can be overwhelming.

There will probably be wagering requirements
These may be steep too, with 40x being commonplace. The term wagering requirement refers to the number of times a player must cycle bonus cash through their account by wagering them on various games. There may be restrictions on which games are eligible to put towards the wager –so make sure you learn about and avoid those, and some games may not count 100% of the wager towards the 40x (or whatever) deemed as necessary.

It’s difficult to avoid wagering regulations altogether, but not all no deposit bonus online offers are as high as 40x. Note that some casinos lump together not only the total of the no deposit bonus, but also any cash won from using it. This can put a lot of time pressure on a new player to make the most of their chance to exploit this free cash opportunity.

No deposit casino bonuses could easily seem too good to be true, and it’s fair to say there are some issues to watch out for, but in general, they offer new players a solid opportunity to play around a little without any initial financial commitment.

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