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Six Ways to Reduce Levels of Vandalism and Fly-tipping in your Community

Being targeted by vandals is something that nobody wants. Repairing the damage caused can cost you thousands. So, I have put together a few tips to help you to reduce the risk of you and your neighbors suffering from ongoing vandalism problems.

Put up some security signs
Putting up a neighborhood watch, beware of the dog, CCTV and no dumping signs can all make a positive difference. You can easily buy what you need from an online retailer like mysecuritysign.com.  They have all been shown to deter criminals.
Install some security lights
Bright lights that come on when there is movement are the vandal’s enemy because their presence gets detected before they can cause too much damage. It is wise to set things up so that you are alerted when the light comes on. During the early evening you will notice the change in light and be able to get up to see what is going on. But may not realize it has been triggered later on, when you are in bed. If this is a concern simply buy the type that has a motion sensor that sends an alert when triggered.
Foil vandals with unbreakable glass
Vandals love to smash windows. If this is a problem in your area consider installing unbreakable glass. You can also buy security lights that are fitted with this type of glass. This stops vandals from being able to break the bulb and come back later to spray graffiti or cause more damage. It will also stop house breakers from doing something similar.
Install a fence
A high fence or a prickly hedge will make it far harder for vandals to access your property and cause damage. If you install a solid fence, it is best to use anti-vandal paint.
Get things cleaned up quickly
Studies have shown that vandals and fly-tippers are less likely to operate in areas that are kept clean and tidy. If a vacant lot in your area already has an old sofa sitting on it, the chances are it will quickly be joined by another and a lot more rubbish.
If you are unlucky enough to have something on your property covered in graffiti, clean it up straight away. Most vandals like their work to be seen. So, if you remove it quickly, the chances are they will not bother to spray paint your fence again. Provided you have used anti-vandal paint on your street-facing walls and fences you should be able to get rid of it without needing to repaint.
Support community programs
Keeping young people in your community occupied is good for everyone. It is all too easy for them to become bored and get up to mischief.

If they have something to do more interesting to the chances of them spray-painting your fence are lowered significantly. So, do everything you can to support local community projects. In particular those that are there to help children and teenagers.

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