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I Scream, You Scream, Have You Ever Tried Boozy Ice Cream? #MBPDADS&GRADS19

Thank you to Tipsy Scoop for the products! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

 I don't know about you, but when I was pregnant with both of my gals, I ate ice cream almost every single day! I thought after I had them the cravings would go away, however, I was wrong!

I have always loved ice cream! Growing up, my favorite thing to do was go to a local dairy farm where they made homemade ice cream! Every Tuesday we would head to Young's Jersey Dairy Farm in Ohio for dinner and ice cream! I guess you could say, my love for ice cream is here to stay!

Given that there are so many flavors and types of ice cream, why not add trying liquor-infused ice cream to the list?

"Tipsy Scoop is a liquor-infused ice cream inspired by traditional and contemporary cocktails that are made with local and seasonal ingredients." Each pint contains up to 5% ABV.

The perfect amount of raspberry and lemon flavor!
Photo Credit: Haley Williams

I have to admit, when I received my ice cream, my mom and husband both patiently waited to taste the ice cream I had been raving about trying for a couple of weeks. I received the Mother's Day flavor pack, which included: Birthday Cake Martini, Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Raspberry Limonchello Sorbet and Spiked Hazelnut Coffee. I scooped out each flavor into individual cups and the tasting commenced - so much so that I took no photos!

My fave was the Spiked Hazelnut Coffee! If you like cold brew and hazelnut, this is the one for you! I could certainly taste the alcohol in this flavor the most. The Birthday Cake Martini has a more subtle flavor of vodka and is also made with white chocolate liquor! It tastes just like a birthday cake! I love the taste of white chocolate! The Raspberry Limonchello sorbet is very refreshing! There are equal amounts of raspberry and lemon flavor and a nice zing of limonchello. Grab a glass, a little prosecco and a scoop of Raspberry Limonchello and you have yourself a nice refresher on a hot Summer day!

I love cold brew coffee and this contains the
perfect amount of cold brew and coffee liquor.
Photo Credit: Haley Williams

I am allergic to chocolate, so unfortunately I was not able to try the Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, but that was the favorite between my mom and husband!

If you are a chocolate and whiskey fan, this ones for you!
Photo Credit: Haley Williams

Tipsy Scoop has locations in NYC and just recently opened up a store front in Myrtle Beach, SC! For all my southern pals, if you are shopping at Broadway at the Beach, be sure to take a moment to visit Tipsy Scoop and grab a scoop or two!  Tipsy Scoop is also available to ship nationwide through Goldbely.

Special thanks to Tipsy Scoop for allowing us to share about their whimsically fantastic ice cream!

Want it? Get it!

Visit Goldbely to order your Tipsy Scoop today!  

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