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Get Outside and Boost Your Mood

Want to know a secret? I know a really easy way to help you get out of the doldrums and start enjoying your day. Ready for it? You're really not going to believe how incredibly easy this little tip is to do and follow on a regular basis. Call your friends. Text your neighbors. Get everyone on the block to get their rears into gear and...


See? Told ya it was going to be easy. I get it. There are times where all I want to do is sit in my house... in a temp controlled climate where mosquitos can't find me. You know what the problem is with being indoors, though? Even with a lot of natural light, it isn't enough light. Even with sunny days, it can still feel really dark and gloomy inside. Being indoors often means you're sitting still, and God made our bodies to move... a lot!

My daughter asked if we could play ball in the yard. The sun was strong. It was hot. I didn't 'feel like it,' but took her out to play anyway. My son asked if we could go for a walk. The sun was strong. The air was thick and muggy. I didn't 'feel like it,' but we went on a walk anyway.

Moving your muscles is great for your heart and overall health. Moving tones those muscles, and you might even see weight loss. Kids love to play outside, and really- they need to be outside as often as they can be.

Is it sunny where you are? Is the air quality good? Do you have a safe place to walk or run or play? Is there a park nearby? Get on out there and enjoy it. Take a walk downtown. Stop at a food truck and grab something exciting for dinner, and then walk it off.

You'll be so glad that you took a few steps to the door and continued to walk down the street, to your backyard or to your local park. I can't wait to hear more about some of your favorite things to do outdoors.

Enjoy those sunny days!

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