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Types Of RVs For You To Choose From

Buying a recreational vehicle can get overwhelming with all the options to choose from. While it can be exciting, you need to do thorough research, analyze your budget, and take your traveling needs in mind. There are different types and classes of RVs and motorhomes that you can explore. By weighing their pros and cons and knowing your needs, you will be able to make an educated decision and get a good value for money.

Types and classes of motorhomes

RV camping is an exciting activity. However, every RV enthusiast has different goals or needs. It is essential to choose a vehicle that meets your expectation and fits your budget. There are several advantages that you can get from having an RV. Some RVs are self-contained and easy to set up. When shopping for RVs. Be sure to check these three types of motorhomes:

1. Class A

For more dedicated travelers, class A motorhomes are the best option because it is the most expensive and the largest RVs on the road. It also comes in different variants like purpose built models and converted buses. The engine configuration can either be gasoline or diesel. They measure up to 45 feet, and you do not need an exclusive license to operate it.

If you are the type of camper who prefers a motorhome with bigger interior space and features, class A RV will definitely suit your preference. It has slide-out sections and you can also expand the living quarters. You will also have a comfortable camping experience because this motorhome is packed with endless appliances and amenities.

Whether you are going for a quick weekend getaway or full-time RV camping with your family, class A motorhomes are great options. You should keep in mind though that this type of RV is not suitable for everyone. While it has a spacious interior, not everyone has the budget to spend on class A motorhomes. For some, the size and the price are both intimidating. There are also restrictions and of which is that the motorhome cannot access some narrow roads.

2. Class B

This motorhome is commonly known as a camper van because they also have smaller versions which can barely qualify as motorhomes. Class B camper vans have a standard full-sized chassis. It also has a raised roof to make it easier to walk upright. Like class A motorhomes, you can also purchase this camper in gasoline or diesel. You can find comfortable sleeping quarters in basic travel camper vans. They also come with basic features to make traveling enjoyable for everyone. While they may be small, they are the type of motorhomes that is easy to drive, store and maneuver.

You can also use the van for running errands or quick day trips. They are fully self-contained and can accommodate up to two travelers. You will also have access to hot water, showers, refrigerator, heating, and air conditioning and other modern facilities. Although they are still deemed expensive, operating them is economical. One of the disadvantages of this type of motorhome is that the interior space is usually cramped. If more than two people are traveling, the sleeping quarters can become uncomfortable.

Even the sizes of the appliances are much smaller than usual. Due to the limited space, you cannot add full-sized entertainment systems or laundry facilities. Class B motorhomes are suitable for single travelers or individuals without children. This type of motorhome is affordable and convenient. It is also popular with those who prefer occasional trips over full-time camping.

3. Class C

If class A motorhomes are too big for you and class B camper vans are way too small, class C RVs are the best vehicle to go. Its size ranges from 20 to 33 feet. They are designed for larger groups or families who want to take a vacation on a limited budget. There are many advantages you can obtain from class C RVs and one of which is the overall cost.

Although more affordable than class A and B motorhomes, they can provide you with more living space so you can travel comfortably. It also comes with basic facilities like toilet and shower, adequate kitchen space and a whole lot more. They also have larger models which feature a master bedroom suite, couches, overhead compartment, and other modern amenities. You can also gain easy access through its side doors because of the cab's compartmental design.

However, it also comes with its own set of pros and cons. For one, class C motorhomes are more challenging to drive just like the class A. You may not also enjoy luxury amenities that might be present in class A motorhomes. Unless you have a separate vehicle, operating a class C motorhome can also be difficult when going on day trips or excursions.

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In choosing from these types of RVs, always take your needs and budget into consideration and do an indepth comparison. These factors will help you make an informed buying decision. While they may have their benefits and drawbacks, your choice will still depend on the level of comfort that these vehicles can provide. Contact a Dallas RV dealer to discuss your options.

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