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Travel Tips for Two Under Two

Until a couple weeks ago, I had two girls under two. You read that right, I’m not crazy, well I might be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m no expert, but I’ve slowly learned a thing or two about traveling with kiddos. Here’s my top 5 tips for traveling with a toddler and infant.

Just do it! Sure, traveling with kiddos can be cumbersome and the amount that you have to pack increases exponentially, but it’s well worth it! You won’t get this time back, so you might as well pack up the car, embrace the chaos and venture on your way! Be flexible, but also try to stick to somewhat of your regular schedule. No matter where we go, I always stick to the nap schedule. It makes traveling that much better if everyone gets the rest they need! Know there will probably be a melt down or two, if your lucky! Accept the fact that things can go wrong and at some point it probably will, but don’t let it ruin your trip. Take a deep breath Momma! It can be overwhelming at times, but just look at all the memories you are creating. Even if they are too young to remember it, you will. 

Have snacks readily available. I used to take the whole box or bag with us wherever we were going, but I discovered mini snack bags and they are perfect for packing and portion control. They save a great amount of space too! Now, call me crazy, but if our oldest is eating while we’re in the car, I sit in the back with her. I have a slight fear, okay, a huge fear of her choking. 

Have {ALL} the car friendly activities available, because lets be honest, the attention span of a two year old is about 30 seconds. Melissa and Doug have several great mess free products available. On our last trip, I had several hard back, non-destructible books available for our oldest. She loves to “read”! I also brought along library books and read to her! New products are great, ones they have never seen - it captures their attention a bit longer! 

Pack far more wipes, diaper and changes of clothes than you think you will need. {Especially for those unexpected blowouts!} Even before I had kids, I ALWAYS over packed. Naturally, I still over pack and it has been a lifesaver to have the extra outfits and diapers more than once. Now is not the time to become a minimalist!  

Don’t forget the comforts from home. If that means, lovie and paci, great! If that means a blanket and pillow, awesome! Whatever it is for your child, bring it. Their schedule and surroundings are changing and having their sense of security with them will make all the difference.

Now, time to go pack! We’re heading to the sunshine state to visit family next week and I’m not a last minute packer. Happy Traveling!

Do you have any other tips for taking road trips? Feel free to leave them in the comments! 

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