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Simple Ways to Make Long Haul Flights Less Stressful

For some people, flying is an uncomfortable and stressful experience, so traveling on a long-haul flight can be even more unbearable. While some people have a phobia of flying, others just don’t like the experience of being crammed into a small space for a long period of time. Either way, flying isn’t the most comfortable of experiences, and a long-haul flight can leave you feeling tired, in pain, and desperate to have a walk around.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that people are always trying to find ways and tricks to make their long-haul flight experience less stressful. Airports can be stressful places at the best of times, but there are many ways that you can go about making the journey more bearable, and maybe even enjoyable! Here are some simple ways that you can make a long-haul flight less stressful, so you can instead sit back and relax during your time on board.

Use the Lounges

You may find that the lead up to your flight is very stressful as you navigate through the airport and get checked through security, therefore, you may consider using the airport lounges that are available. While they do usually cost a little extra, it can be worth the money if you want your experience at the airport to be more relaxing and less chaotic.
Airport lounges offer additional comforts to make your time spent in the airport much more enjoyable. With more comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, and quieter environments, they are a great space to relax before you board your flight. In some lounges, you will find that complimentary food, drinks, and daily newspapers are provided as part of your upgrade. Airport lounges offer the perfect space to make the upcoming flight less stressful.

Keep Yourself Entertained

One of the most irritating and stressful things about a long-haul flight is their duration. You can find yourself getting very restless and bored throughout a long flight, so you could make sure that you pack plenty of things to keep you entertained. Most airlines now provide entertainment screens on flights that are more than a few hours, so you can keep yourself busy by focusing on one of the films available.
However, you can also take your personal devices such as your phone and tablet on board the flight, to keep your mind off how long and stressful the journey is. Many planes also now have Wi-Fi available onboard long-haul journeys, so you can spend some time playing Maxim99 online slots, and win some money while you are 38,000ft in the air!

Stay Overnight Near the Airport

If you live a considerable distance away from the airport, then rushing to catch your early morning flight can add to the stress of flying. Therefore, you may consider staying at the airport, hotel or at a hotel more locally to make the morning rush that little bit easier. While you may consider this to be an added expense, it may not cost you as much as you think. Even if you stay in a local Airbnb that is situated near to your airport, then this will help to reduce the stress of making sure you get to the airport on time.
One of the best things about staying in the nearby hotel if you are catching an early morning flight is that you don’t have to wake up as early to make the journey from further away and get to enjoy the hotel-provided breakfast that is on offer. That is a total no-brainer! Plus, stress can further be reduced if you use a service such as this Puerto Vallarta Airport Transportation taxi service, adjusting the location to wherever you are flying from. By pre-booking in advance you'll be guaranteed a comfortable journey that gets you to check in on time - needless to say, this is a far more relaxing option than trying to use public transportation to get there!

Upgrade Where Possible

If you are worried about being uncomfortable or sitting in a painful position when squeezed into your small seat during a long-haul flight, you should consider upgrading if you can. This can either mean upgrading from coach, though obviously at an extra cost, or getting a seat that has extra legroom.
While this isn’t an option for everyone, you should at least look at how much extra it would set you back. You can also ask at check-in if you can pay extra to upgrade your seat. It may not cost as much as you might think.

Try to Sleep

If you are traveling on a long-haul flight, then you should try to get some sleep if you can. This is one of the best ways that you can spend your time on a plane, as traveling can be tiring, and it passes the time much quicker than anything else you can do.
If you are on an evening flight, then you may find that the lights on the aircraft are dimmed when people start to get ready for sleep. You should pack an eye mask in your hand luggage so that you can block out the light and get some sleep whenever you are ready. You may also consider packing a small blanket to take onto the plane with you, as the air conditioning can make you feel cold when you are trying to get to sleep. Being able to get some much-needed rest can often make an overnight flight a good choice when traveling.

Have a Drink

While a long-haul flight isn’t a good place to get raving drunk, having a few drinks to calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed can be a useful idea. Enjoying a drink (whether alcoholic or not) and something to eat can be a good way to keep yourself feeling calm and less stressed on a long-haul flight.
Though, of course, if you are traveling on business or are picking up a hire vehicle once you land, then this is probably something that you should avoid.

Take a Good Book

Taking a good book with you on your long-haul journey is a great way to keep yourself busy and entertained so that you feel less stressed and anxious about the flight.

Long-haul flights can be uncomfortable and stressful experiences, but by following these simple tips and techniques you can start your journey off to a relaxed start.

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