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Motivate your kids to DIY for enhancing Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists. It's for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it's for engineers trying to solve a problem; it's for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.” Twyla Tharp
Creativity is a built-in blessing every human has. However, we don’t become aware of it at the beginning age. Some people even don’t know until death.

Moreover, every parent who cares about the future of their kids wishes to nurture their child with talents. They want to see them growing genius. Keep in mind that you are not who can teach anything to your children. You are responsible for providing a positive and favorable atmosphere in which they can learn things well.

Fear of Failure

Several parents when saw their kids failed in any particular subject, task, or competition, they get worried.
“There is no innovation and creativity without failure.” (Brene Brown)
Fear of failure is a barrier to success. If it occupies space in the mind of a struggler, he/she will never view the appropriate path. Normally, we tag for unachievable goals as an inability. However, if a loser recalls the whole activity, he/she can configure his own mistake.
Various moms asked: “why mommy fails?”
As a counselor, I tell them that they were pampering their children too much for developing talent. But in reality, they were blocking the opportunities for kids to train their brain thinking differently.

Fruits of Creativity

There are numerous advantages of boosting own creative power.
a. Such a guy works for personal satisfaction.
b. Imagination capability enhances more.
c. Problem-solving skill may get stronger.
d. A person feels happy over little achievements either it is a whole job or a section of big ambition.
e. Passion & focus increases.
f. Risk-taking power would be established or grew-up.
g. It is a pre-requisite stage of innovation.

How to Motivate Your Kids

Every mother and father has to ensure below points for development and growth of creativity & talent in their youngsters. If they motivate their kids appropriately, children feel proud. Thus, show more enthusiasm for crafting unique items:

1. Grant a free time

Kids have a busy schedule in their growing age. Parents not only concern to send their babies to school only. They also desire to learn additional courses and classes. At the end of the day, all the energy of a kid drained down. Don’t stress to remain busy. Allow some time free at home in which a child can make a little mess for doing something great.

2. Tolerate on the mistakes

Another necessary point to keep in mind is that the way a mistake could explain, there is nothing who can teach better, not even a teacher. An infant learns walking after numerous falls-down. Therefore, give them a chance to commit errors. If possible, then guide them with their mistakes.

3. Encourage to play online

Nowadays, we are living in an era where most people have a smartphone in their pocket. We use it as the replacement of several things like calculator, game, email, torch, clock, phone directory, calendar, maps, internet browser, video & music player, and a lot more.
There are so many games app available over Google play store that would assist children in enhancing their talent. They may be like changing dress and look different, settling home appliances for an attractive look of the house, make-up app, etc. While playing such games, a kid learns to try different things to feel beautiful.

4. Assign a space

“It is good to designate a space for your child to do either mess or invention.” – Mrs. Rihanna Gill from CrowdWriter
It may be a corner, a table with drawers, or a room. Assigning a separate portion to your kid give him/her responsibility for caring for belongings. Furthermore, make such amendments in personal property that grant an attractive look is also a sense of creativity.

5. Buy creative-oriented toys

Building-Block is the game that boosts the mental power of creativity because this game is the fun of creating a building or making the construction. Help your kid to become architecture by purchasing such toys. Through this activity, he/she can connect the lovely slides, building, or structure he/she viewed in the park, playground, or amusement park.
“We usually take kids of our institute to park. After return back, we discuss many things regarding the color, construction, shapes, and attractive look.” – Mr. Jones from Object Me.

6. Outdoor play

Exercise is a productive activity that helps to grow the physic of your child. Furthermore, you got the opportunity to spend time with them. If not possible for you to go with your kid, at least believe his capabilities and allow him to go with friends. Although it is hard for a mother to encourage children for outdoor play, you need to be brave. In this way, he would explore the world from his own will. Moreover, he could able to know more about his own capabilities.

7. Embrace on little creativity

Every kid is a genius. They always try to show their talents. However, it may be not as significant as compared to your abilities. Therefore, try to see things from the perspective of a child. Appreciate their every unique effort. Embracing them will warm up their blood and the cells of creativity they become active.

Supporting Methods:

Other than above, more considerations might cause boosting the abilities of toddlers. It is possible that you can discover a unique technique and any of below might be not workable for you.

a. Tell fantasy stories

Expert recommends telling stories to your child. When a child listens to something amazing for her, she will ask many questions to understand how that event or magic happened. This is a curiosity of investigation and exploration. Never underestimate their queries even if you don’t know.

b. Discuss art with children

Suggestions make the work more concise. Folks discuss from an expert or experienced guy before initiating a task. That was your concern.
If you even knew how to complete a job, take a contribution from your children regarding the process. In both cases, either the present ideas are acceptable or being rejected, their thinking abilities may increases.

c. Show creative clips to kids

A human would learn in two ways; the first is to experience their own self and the second method is to get the profit from other’s experience. Nowadays, several people are developing clips to share their expert achievement. YouTube has so many DIY videos in its library. Moreover, these videos will provide a ready experience for approaching creativity. Thus, a child can learn various concepts and unique ideas.

Author Bio:
Stella Lincoln is a mother of two cute daughters. She is working as a marketing tutor at AcademistHelp. Apart from that, Stella spread knowledge upon Marketing, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Management. You can read her sharing articles on her personal blog Educator House.

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