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Heading Out To Clear My Mind!

Happy Friday!  I am always happy when Friday rolls around but I am especially happy this Friday.  I have been really struggling the past couple of weeks. 
I feel like I am failing at life...all aspects of it.  I'm not a good wife, I'm not a good mom, I'm not a good teacher, I'm not a good friend.  I have been really down and just want to run away from it all.  I know that I can't do that and I have to put on my big girl britches and get it together.  I am really good at putting on a happy face and acting like it's all together, when in reality I feel like I'm crumbling.  My husband is working new hours at his job and although it has been a positive for our family, there are some negatives.  He is never home and when he is he is sleeping.  Aiden and I hardly ever see him.  Aiden is at the age where he is pushing every button I have and we butt heads...a lot.  I don't like to fuss and yell at him but I feel like that is all I do these days.  I am so tired when I finally get home from school that I can't get anything done at home.  I don't have a single afternoon where we can just come straight home.  There is always something to do.  I know that I can control that, but when your child really loves his extra activities, I hate to make him not go.  I feel like all I have been doing lately is sitting in the car...waiting on Aiden to get finished with whatever it is he is doing.  I don't know how you mom's with more than one child do it.  Gosh..I am rambling, but it feels good to say these things because I haven't told anyone and I need to get them off my chest!  Back to why I am so excited about this Friday....

I am headed out of town this weekend for a Family Weekend in the NC Mountains with some wonderful friends.  I can't wait to turn off our electronics, breath some fresh mountain air and just BE!  Unfortunately, my husband is not able to get off work to go but I am so excited about some unrushed Mom and Aiden time where I'm not nagging to get whatever he needs to get done, done and he's not begging for extra screen time.  I love my sweet boy with every breath I have but the past couple of weeks have been hard.  Please send us some good vibes for a mind clearing and rejuvenating weekend.  

Does anyone else ever feel like this?  What do you do to clear your mind and refocus yourself?


  1. I can definitely relate to a few of the things you are going through! I hope this weekend is full of smiles, laughter, happiness, and relaxation!

  2. Awww.. you sound like you need a little getaway to relax and clear your mind. I hope you and your son have a happy weekend. We all go through rough patches and need to escape sometimes.


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