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Experience Awesome at Urban Air Adventure Park, Orange, CT

Thank you to our friends at Urban Air Adventure Park in Orange, CT for providing me with a complimentary visit for this feature. All thoughts shared below are my own!

Over the last few years, it seems that indoor trampoline parks have been all the rage for kids in my girls' peer groups. They've both been invited to countless birthday parties held at such establishments and have had so much fun each time, we've gone back for our own visits when we were looking for something fun to do. When we had the chance to visit Urban Air, I already had an idea in my mind of what I could expect, but that idea was wildly inaccurate!

This indoor adventure park is just that, a park FULL of adventure. Yes, there are indoor trampolines, but that is just a small part of what's available here. Let's talk just a few of the park's attractions!

1. Go Karts- This is the very first thing our crew noticed when we walked in. I spent about 85% of our visit answering the question "when can we go ride the go-karts?". My answer each time, in case you were wondering, was "once we've checked out everything else". This was the last attraction we stopped at during our visit, but I'm sharing it first because it was such a hit, the only upset was when R was informed that she wouldn't be allowed to drive her own car. 

2. The Ropes Course- D was the only one both brave and tall enough to check out the ropes course. She absolutely loved it, I was happy that she loved it, but my anxiety was about as high as she was! 

3. Laser Tag- I wasn't able to get clear pictures of our crew inside, but oh my gosh this was so much fun. Definitely a close runner-up to the go-karts!

4. Climbing Walls- R was tall enough for the climbing area and it was no surprise to any of us that she loved it and hustled right to the top in no time at all. 

5. Warrior Course- The girls absolutely LOVED this. They both channeled their inner "Ninja Warrior" and tried their best to complete the course in record time. I thought they did well, but I may be a little biased.

These are just a few of the fun things to enjoy at the Urban Air Adventure Park in Orange, CT. There are so many more things for your family to love, so be sure to check out the full list of attractions on the UA website

Go Check It Out!

On Thursday, April 11th, Urban Air Orange will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for visitors ages 13 and under. Click the banner below for more information. 

Urban Air will also have special hours and deals for Spring Break and Passover, don't miss out!

Connect with Urban Air Orange on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.

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