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5 Tips to Plan a Successful Children's Party on a Budget

When you’re a parent, celebrating your children’s birthdays is a reminder that they’re a year older. They’re only at that age once, and the automatic response would be to hold a party to commemorate it. It makes much more sense to host big parties for older kids especially when they’re at the age when they’re invited to other birthday parties too.

It can be tempting to hold lavish birthday parties, but you absolutely don’t have to when you don’t have the budget for it. In fact, your children probably won’t care how much you spend for the soiree just as long as they have the usual cake, food, drinks, and kids’ entertainment with their friends.
If you’re looking for tips on how to host a memorable kid’s birthday party without breaking the bank, read on below.
Have the Party at Home or Somewhere Free
Party venues can be expensive, and booking one can easily wipe out your already limited budget. Instead of opting for ideal locations, have the party at home. Sure, a bowling alley or a private park all for yourselves can be nice, but it can be a logistical nightmare too.
Having the party at home allows you to flex your budget a little more. Something as simple as opening and clearing up your garage for more space can make a difference. If this is not possible, scout for a venue that’s free, or get a deal that will allow you to have the location for free or at a discounted price.
Go Paperless
In this age of advanced technology, you can save money by giving out electronic invitations. Nowadays, most people are more attuned to their emails and social media, so make sure to take advantage of that fact. Have them RSVP on the online invite, and call them afterward to confirm their attendance. There are plenty of free email services that can help you do this, so choose on which platform you can reach most of your guests.
Budget Food and Time
The longer you drag a party, the more food you’ll have to prep. This is true for any kind of celebration, but for birthdays, you’ll have to account for cakes and desserts as well. It’s wise to set a time limit to the party so that you won’t have to keep feeding guests all day.
Since it’s for young children, it’s perfectly fine to have it for a couple of hours in the afternoon or after lunch. To keep food costs down, consider buying supplies in bulk from a warehouse. If you’re a good baker, you can even make your own cake. A tip is to use boxes of cake mix as a cheaper alternative to a fifty-dollar cake.
DIY Decors
Ideally, if you want to save money, you should just DIY as much as you can. Since doing arts and crafts or cooking is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, you don’t have to go through that route fully if you have a limited workforce (you alone or with your partner). Additionally, not all people are adept with their hands, so if you’re not very good at making snacks or baking anything, your safest bet is to DIY decors.
If your child’s party has a theme, decor can make or break the atmosphere so something as simple as a custom table decoration or photo wall can mean the world to your kid. Arts and crafts materials can be expensive, so make sure to do your research online for deals.
You can also scour for cheap party supplies that are discounted, which can help in a pinch if you have no time to make decors. You can get matching paper cups and plates, table covers, and even plastic cutlery sets for cheap.
Make Games Simple
Simple is fun, and while technology has allowed kids to have access to mobile phones and tablets, there’s nothing quite like old-fashioned games in the playground. Have children experience games you played in your youth, and make them compete for prizes. Some notable games you should let children play at the party are freeze tag, charades, Simon says, hot potato, and musical chairs.
Cheap but Requires More Effort
Having a budget doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to what you can buy. It may take some effort on your part, but doing DIY party projects can add a little something more to the event. If your children are old enough to help and it’s not a surprise party, involve them with the preparations. This way you get to bond with them and give them a learning experience to see how effort can be rewarding.
Do you have additional suggestions on how to save money for your kid’s birthday party? Share your advice down below.

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