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5 Budget-Friendly Indoor Party Ideas for Kids

Organizing a party can be hard. It’s stressful selecting the venue, working on the menu, and most of all - keeping the tiny tots thrilled throughout the event. After all, you want to send your kid’s friends back home with banana smiles. So, where should you begin with considering there’s a lot to do?

The best start is to set your budget and browse ideas for an indoor party for kids. The costs of a kid’s party can add fast, which is, of course, not great news for your wallet. At the same, you need some stellar ideas to host a memorable party.
To brighten the creative bulbs of your party planning department, here are some indoor party ideas for kids that you can try:

1. Plan a superhero themed indoor party for kids

If there’s anything that can keep your children indoors, it’s a super-hero themed party hall. Kick the whole thing off by sending out Superhero birthday invitations. The idea is to ask all the little ones to come to the party in their favorite superhero costume.
Depending on the dimes that you want to spend, you can either get your child a superhero suit or you can put one together yourself. To add to the fun, make some masks and capes at home too. Put the masks on the balloon and dress the water bottles in mini capes. This will help take the theme’s setting up by several notches.
Not to forget, you can prepare some props as well. Cut out the props in shapes of stars and power bolts and add words such as “ZAP,’ “BOOM,” and so on. What’s more, you can send the kids back home with goodie bags that are also superhero-themed.

2. Plan a messy party for your kids

What do kids love the most? Mess. Organization does not make sense to them, so plan the best night of their childhood by decorating for a messy-theme indoor party for kids. Better yet, leave the party d├ęcor duty on them.
For example, lay out a tablecloth in front of them and let them dip their hands in paint. Next, allow them to press their handprints on the tablecloth, and the messy tablecloth for the party will be ready.
You can also ask your kid to design the cake’s icing. A messy kids party doesn’t have a single theme. This means that your little ones can throw in any color they like. On your part, stock on washable paint and silly string.
Use crepe paper to add more life to the party. For instance, make a laser maze for kids using crepe paper. You can use a plastic tarp as the party’s stage. Lastly, throw in multi-colored goggles as a gift for all the young guests who attend the party.

3. Glow-in-the-dark indoor party

This one is an excellent indoor party idea for kids who are on the older side. The glow-in-the-dark party will definitely get you the ‘best mommy’ award. Turn your living room into a dance club that plays your child’s favorite tunes and is decorated with a black light, strobe light, and glow sticks.
You can pop in some glow-in-the-dark face paint as well. To add to the children’s excitement, include some glowing party drinks to the menu. Simply, add tonic water to the beverage that you plan to serve and bring them out in black light.

4. Organize a movie theater party

Children’s indoor parties can quickly break the bank. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep the kids occupied with a movie that they all had on their watchlist, and your expenses will cut short easily.
To make things exciting, call it a drive-in movie theater party. Convert cardboard boxes into cars and use paper plates for the tires. Before the movie streams though, hand over washable markers to all the little ones and ask them to personalize their cars. Don’t forget to serve plenty of refreshments and snacks at the movie.

5. Book your child’s party at some other indoor venue

Since hosting a party at your house can be energy-draining, you can always book another venue. In such an instance, you have two options at your disposal. Firstly, you can select a venue and invite kids there.
This option is best for those who are up for entertaining kids but don’t want to take the responsibility of preparing the menu on their shoulders. It’s also suitable for the ones who don’t have sufficient space at their home to host a party.
Secondly, you can select a place where they have awesome kids birthday party venues where all the elements of a perfect party can be taken care of including your guests’ entertainment. This will leave you relaxed while the children have a blast.

Closing thoughts

Organizing a kid’s indoor party can be challenging. But challenges are nothing new in the realm of parenthood. Start with setting up a budget, thinking of the ideal theme for your tot’s party, and working on the menu. The more you plan beforehand, the better your party will turn out to be.

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