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5 Reasons to Host Your Own Trade Show

Whether you want to host a trade show to revitalize your local area, generate buzz in your industry, or as a way to improve the marketing efforts of your own enterprise, a trade show could be the way to do all of the above and more.

An Opportunity to Create a Regional Event
According to a report produced by AMEX's Global Business Travel's Meeting and Events Division, attendees of any trade show will spend, on average, as much as $1,700 at each trade show they attend. This can mean a lot of revenue to both your business as well as the surrounding area.

Organizing and hosting a trade show will do more than help you create revenue and buzz for your own brand or business. Trade shows can affect the regional economics of an area, positively, by as much as 5 to 7 times the revenue you produce. Year over year, that additional economic stimulus can make an enormous impact.

Developing the Local Community
Not only that, but creating a high-quality event, even one at a smaller scale than you may have considered initially, can help bring local businesses together and foster a sense of community that would not have developed otherwise, even if you're planning a Philadelphia trade show, you can still create a smaller, more tightly focused event.

Generating Influence and Expanding Your Reputation
Roughly 26% of all SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) will attend a trade show each year, with another 20% that have planned to participate in a show, but may or may not. There is also 5% that remains undecided.

Regional events, if none already exist, allow even smaller enterprises to show up and get involved. Many businesses may shy away from trade shows due to travel expenses. If a local trade show were to be developed, they might get involved.

Greater Networking Opportunities
Hosting a trade show allows you to reach out to sponsors and create partnerships. If the trade show goes over well, you may be able to count on them again and again for this and other opportunities. The same goes for every attendee and vendor. If the show is good, you can bet they're looking forward to seeing what else you and your business can come up with.

However, if the show is terrible, then you can bet your reputation and that of your enterprise will take a hit. Word travels fast about the performance of industry events. Especially if there is low attendance, poor organization, or some other major yet preventable disaster.

Creating a New Area of Opportunity for Your Enterprise

By planning and hosting a trade show, you're putting a lot of effort into a new business more than you are just marketing your current enterprise. If you're already in event planning or a similar trade, this is a natural extension. If, however, you're looking to make a shift into a new area, this could be a good trial run that won't significantly deviate from the market you're already in.

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