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5 Classy yet Budget-Friendly Accent Wall Ideas

If you don’t like the way a room looks, you don’t have to repaint or totally redecorate. Nor do you have to spend a fortune to transform an entire room. Here are five classy yet budget-friendly accent wall ideas. We’ll focus on the quick and easy decorating hacks that allow you to change the look or make a space look upscale for very little money but don’t require a lot of work from you.

Paint One Section

Instead of repainting the entire room, consider painting a single wall. By changing the colour of one wall, you could radically alter the tone of the space. A common tactic is painting the one wall people see when they enter the room, though you may not want to continue the ‘one red wall’ decorating trend.
Another option is using a stencil to add colour or patterns to an accent wall. Now you’re changing the way it looks without repainting the entire thing. The newest pattern stencils are easy to use, and they are a nearly fool-proof way to add a little colour to an accent wall without overwhelming it.
What if you have tiles on your accent wall? Instead of replacing all the tiles, try installing a few accent tiles instead. If you want more, you can even go for an MDF panel kit as well.

Try Out a New Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to change the appearance of a given wall. You may be able to stick it to the wall without having to prep the surface. However, you may not be sure you want to wallpaper the entire room.
One tactic is to wallpaper a single wall as an accent wall and see what you think. You could also use temporary or removable wallpaper. Temporary wallpaper, also called renter’s wallpaper, doesn’t require paste to add and can come off whenever you want to remove it. This allows you to try out a variety of patterns and colours to find what you want or simply redecorate whenever you want. We recommend this approach if you’re considering mismatched patterns to liven up a room.

Put In Temporary Wood Planking

This is another rather new product, but it is popular for the same reasons temporary wallpaper is. The stick and peel wood panelling allows you to have the look of a wood wall for a fraction of the cost, and you aren’t making a permanent commitment.
You can try a half-wall for starters or put in a warm, wooden accent wall over the weekend. You can also use this product to give kitchen islands or cabinets the look of reclaimed wood. You could even apply reclaimed temporary wood panels to your foyer to make it more inviting.

Purchase a Stylish Clock

Wall clocks are both stylish practical, which is why every home should have one. An attractive wall clocks can serve as a functional accent piece on a wall. They can sit above an artificial fireplace or rest on the mantle. You can choose from a wide array of clocks and pick one in the colour, size, and material that best suits your decor.

Tone It Down

If a space seems too busy, you can tone it down by opting for elegant neutral tones and decorative items. Painting over the busy pattern on the accent wall or replacing the eclectic floor lamp with a neutral grey fixture could make the room more appealing. Remove the bright rug or move arts and crafts furniture into the room. And take down a lot of the bric-a-brac off your accent wall.


A number of new products have come out to make it cheap and easy to make a big impact on any space. However, there are a few classic choices, too, for changing the look of your accent wall without spending a lot of money.

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