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Why You Should Let Your Child Take Pictures For Craft Projects

There are over nineteen million children aged four and under in the USA, and each of them is one of a kind. Every child is different… every child is a miracle. The little quirks that babies and very young children have are always fascinating and endearing, and that’s why nothing’s sweeter than being the loving mommy of a little one.

One way to capture the curiosity, imagination and bright spirit of your small child is by letting him or her take pictures with your smartphone or digital camera. Once your child has taken some snaps, you'll be able to use them in a couple of interesting, fun and easy craft projects. If you're searching for great creative family activities, you should definitely check out these DIY activities.

You’ll need to help and supervise
This DIY craft project is intriguing because it turns the tables. Usually, we take pics of our kids and then make craft projects with the photographs. This time, the child supplies photographic art, which is then made into craft projects. While some kids are old enough to take smartphone pics (or pics with handheld digital cameras) on their own, others need plenty of help from Moms or other grownups. So, you may expect to help and supervise if your child is on the younger side.

Some parents wait to try this project until their small kids are old enough to take the pictures on their own. That’s another option. We all know how quickly kids grow. The time seems to pass faster than we want it to. If you do want to help, show your child how to hold the camera securely and how to press the right button while taking a pic. You may want to help your child hold the device once he or she decides what to photograph. Another option is pressing the button once your child has found a focal point and the perspective shot is in focus. Try to get your child to take about ten photos. Then, pick a few of the best. They might be pics of your child's fave toys, or preferred areas of the home, or some funny (and maybe slightly unflattering) shots of you. What's important is that they are taken by your son or daughter.

Make a homemade picture frame
It's so easy to print out digital photos. Most people can do it from home. If not, there are tons of places in the local community that offer printing services for affordable rates. Once you've picked out a photo to print, go to a dollar store and buy a cheap plywood frame that fits the picture. Then, go home and gather art supplies, including non-toxic paints, glitter glue, and stickers. Sit down with your child and decorate the empty frame together. Make it colorful and whimsical. Let your creation dry and then add the picture. Set it on a fireplace mantle or coffee table. It will also look great on the wall of your child's bedroom.

Create a decorative collage
Grouping photos in a collage format are fun. However, if you're not a big crafting person, you can always turn to technology, and let a collage maker do the job for you. All you’ll have to do is upload your favorite pictures. But, if you do love working with paper and scissors, here’s what you’ll need: find a piece of Bristol board or other stiff cardboard. Then, cut out photos into interesting shapes and glue them down. Photos may overlap or be separate from one another. Decorate the borders around photos with markers, stickers and any other art supplies that you have on hand.

If you make your own college, you may want to get it laminated. It'll then become a treasured family memory that stands the test of time. If a photo collage sounds like too much work, glue one photo down on a colored piece of cardboard or Bristol board and then decorate around the photo. Add it to a memory book (it'll be a great cover) or display it on its own.

Giving your small child control of the camera, just for a few minutes, will be fun. Just be sure to stay close to your little one during the photo shoot, in order to protect your precious electronic device. Then, pick out some awesome photos and make a decorative frame or collage. These projects aren't hard to do and they are whimsical ways to capture your own small child’s unique perspective. You may find that you treasure your completed craft project for decades to come. It’ll remind you of your cute little child, long after he or she is all grown up.

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