Rock Your Family Game Night with Mad Moves™!

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Oh, how I've missed family game night. When our son turned three years old (five years ago), my husband and I started introducing him to some easy-to-play games on Friday nights. We chose games that were appropriate for his age, yet fun for the whole family. After his sister was born in 2016, we sort of traded game nights for movie nights because managing an infant and a 'big kid' was something we were just getting used to and trying to navigate. Now that little sis is turning three years old, she's also discovering a love for playing games, and we've been slowly getting back to planning family game nights and including fun games that we can all enjoy together.

This time of year, it's still chilly outside, and outdoor play is sort of kept to a minimum. The kids have the wiggles, though, and beg to have some sort of movement, even indoors. We just got our hands on an extremely fun and exciting new game, which is perfect for families who have kiddos of various ages.

Mad Moves is the game your kids will beg to play again and again!

An easy and fun interactive game for the whole family which includes movement and music.

Mad Moves will have you and your family dancing to the beat while using your imaginations in no time! This fun game includes an electronic spinner and music player, two decks of game cards, and colored die.

To play the game, have the youngest player roll the die. Next, the player takes a card which matches the color they rolled. The card will give you a description of something or someone that you have to act out as you dance to the music. Once you have your assignment from the card, spin the spinner to see what type of music you'll be dancing to. Your dance moves should match with the type of music being played from the spinner/music player. Don't forget- you have to act out what's on the card as you dance! Talk about interpretive dance!

I rolled pink for an action card!

My card instructed me to act out hula hooping while I danced to electronic dance music! Good thing my kids are still so little- otherwise, they would have been utterly embarrassed by me. I laughed my head off as I tried my best to hula hoop (without a hoop) to the music, dancing all the while!

You just might get a Freeze Dance card!

B kept getting Freeze Dance cards, which he loved. I think he nailed the moves, don't you?

Both of the kids had so much fun playing this game. I worried that S might not be able to keep up, but I whispered her card assignments in her ear and was so surprised by the ways she went right into acting out her card descriptions. My favorite of hers was acting like a baby to ballet music. She twirled around the living room while pretending to cry like a baby.

I was so glad that B got the turtle card, instead of me!

We played this game for about half an hour before bedtime, and it was the perfect way for them to work out their wiggles before winding down with their bedtime stories. This is one of the best games we've played in a long time, and we can't wait to play it with our extended family the next time we all get together.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Play Monster to check out more cool activities and games, and to learn more about Mad Moves! Available at Walmart for $19.82.

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Special thanks to Play Monster for allowing us to check out and share about this super fun game!
Don't forget to pick this one up for your next family game night!

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