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What's your Mommy Fail?

I am a human so I make mistakes... none bother me as much as the ones I make as a parent.  Do I coddle too much? Not enough? Have I done everything I could to raise a good person? I feel I have but there have been so many mistakes/mishaps along the way.
Truth be told the pressure I put on myself to be the best mom is the biggest pressure.  I know my kids will find success and be happy well adjusted adults.  Why do I pile on the pressure?  I think it is because as my children get older I see less of a need for me to parent.  They know right from wrong and they make sound decisions.  What does that mean for me?  My favorite title is mom.

I think my mommy fail is trying to be successful in a career that I had no passion for and letting my children see that.  Life is about making choices and at times the choices I have made have not been good ones.  While this can be considered a mommy fail I believe that by seeing my fail at something this has geared my children to never settle for less than they deserve.  So is it really a fail?  I think not.  There is only failure when you don't learn from your experiences or you give up.  This mom isn't giving up and I refuse to not learn from my mistakes. 

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