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The Magic of EOS Lip Balm

Are You Experiencing a Winter Lip Emergency?
There's something about winter that tends to wreak havoc upon our lips, making them crack and even peel. Sometimes, the negative after-effects of winter can even linger for a bit longer, meandering into spring. When it's time to moisturize and soften those lips, EOS lip balm can transform your day. The iconic shape of the balm container makes it easy to find in any purse. It also makes for a simpler process when one is applying the balm. Allowing for more coverage in a shorter period of time, it's the way balms were meant to be.

Protect That Pucker with Sunscreen
Although many don't realize it, exposure to the sun can be very harmful to the lips, just as it can be to all of your skin. EOS has formulated several flavors of balm with sun protection. The Lemon Twist variety comes with SPF 15, while the Pink Grapefruit flavor is equipped with an even higher level of protection—SPF 30. Aloe also comes with SPF 30, so those who are interested in giving their lips relief from the sun will rejoice in all the possibilities that EOS provides. When it's time for extreme relief, the Medicated Cooling Chamomile offers the highest level of cooling moisturization.

Something for Everyone—the Perfect Stocking Stuffer
With EOS, fans are always pleased to learn that they have an array of options. Those who revel in the beauty of natural and organic products tend to enjoy the collections. For instance, the First Snow, Fireside Chai & Pomegranate Raspberry collection is a limited edition and organic trio of balms that was made for the holidays. However, all of these EOS lip balm varieties will serve people well—even when summer is upon us. The holiday tin and sustainable ingredients also make it an excellent gift if you're the type who shops for holiday gifts all year long. These are gifts you can feel good about giving, as the EOS line is not tested on animals and is free of parabens and petrolatums. Dermatologists test these products, so customers can feel safe and secure when using them.

Need a Little Extra Help? EOS Is Here to Rescue You
For those who truly struggle with dry, chapped lips, EOS has several products that will get to the heart of the matter right away. Pure Hydration, Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk are all specially formulated to help those who need more moisture. Meant to make your pout as buttery, beautiful and smooth as possible, these balms can make all the difference. With their iconic EOS packaging, they're bound to put a smile on the face of anyone who uses them.

Terrific Tints to Accentuate Your Natural Beauty
Of course, many crave a lip balm that will add some color. From the Opal Aura Tint to Sheer Pink and Holiday Dazzling Ruby Tint, EOS offers many different hues that will suit you. Sensationally subtle but also magnificently moisturizing, these balms prove that there some things in life that possess both style and substance. When you crave just a hint of color, these balms are the perfect solution. Pearl and Coral are two other popular hues.

Shed the Extra Weight

Hydrating balms don't need to be heavy or full of wax to do the job. With Hibiscus Peach, Vanilla Orchid and Melon Blossom, it's all about lightweight lusciousness. Free of ingredients such as gluten and wax, these delightful balms are pleasing in every way.

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