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Factors to Consider Before Asking Your Parents to Move In

If one or both of your parents is facing the problem of not being able to live independently any longer, you may wish to invite them to come live with you and your family. This arrangement can work very well for both you and your folks if it’s well-managed, plus having their grandparents around can be great for the kids. So how do you make sure that living with your parents is a positive experience for everyone involved?

Making arrangements in the house
Before you decide to ask your folks if they’d like to move in with you, be realistic about how the living arrangements would work. The best arrangement is for your parents to have a self-contained area to call their own or at least a large bedroom with en-suite facilities. Your parents are used to being independent and having their own space, and adjusting to living with someone else will be a challenge.

If you don’t have the facilities at hand, consider if an extension or conversion project is a practical and affordable solution. Or perhaps a garden room that your parents could call their own. Bear in mind that converting the space above the garage or your attic may not be appropriate for your parents if they’ll have to cope with extra stairs and sloping ceilings, so you may need to think about moving the kids or yourselves to the attic and giving your parents rooms in the main part of the house.

Caring for your parents
You also need to assess your parents’ abilities and what help they’re likely to require. Will they need any personal care like washing and dressing? Can they cook for themselves, and keep their living area clean? Something to think about is that any infirmities they have now are likely to worsen they get older they get. Parents in good health can often relieve you of some of your burdens as well as being perfectly capable of looking after themselves, but if your folks have caring needs, you need to assess whether you can cope yourself, or if you’d need to get a carer in to help.

Special Facilities 
You will need to think about your parents needs. Will you need any special facilities or aids around the house, for example, do they need a shower with floor level access or handrails in the bathroom? If they have problems with stairs, you may need to install a stair lift or a personal elevator from a specialist company like Terry Lifts.

Be Realistic
The trickiest question you need to ask yourself is how stressful you’ll find it having your parents at home. Much as you love them, your folks may get on your nerves to some degree, and as an independent adult yourself you may feel frustrated having your parents around all the time. It’s important to be realistic about your feelings so you can manage the situation and not become a victim of excessive stress.

If you consider all these factors carefully and look at how life will change for everyone involved, you and your parents could enjoy a rewarding partnership and have a close, happy relationship.

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