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TLC Kritters by RedwoodVentures are absolutely ADORABLE #Review

Thank you to RedwoodVentures for providing a sample of the TLC Kritters to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bring home your new animal best friend today! Reveal an adorable baby animal that needs your care with TLC Kritters, new from RedwoodVentures! 

Meet the TLC Kritters!

These adorable little boxes contained big surprises!

Begin to unbox the incubator to reveal which baby animal you’ve received! 

Which one will you get? You'll just have to unlock it for the big reveal!

She had never heard of TLC Kritters, so she had to read all about them before beginning to open. Girlfriend LOVES a blind bag surprise toy... so she was super excited to find out what these Kritters were all about. 

As soon as she opened the first one.. she thought it was ADORABLE! And honestly, she is not wrong! 

Dip the packet into the water to find out if your new friend is a girl or a boy.

She was so excited when she opened this adorable panda! 

Name it, feed it, dress it up and clean up its messes using the water sensitive diaper (don’t worry- the messes are represented by emojis)! Look at the pic below... she thought this part of it was HILARIOUS. She could not wait to show her little brother that they either peed or pooped!

Once you’ve brought home one TLC Kritter, don’t let it get lonely! Collect all 8 Kritters to complete the cute collection!

She honestly loves this kind of stuff... and these Kritters did NOT disappoint! They are so cute! We love that they came in the little incubator, have little binky's and bottles, and make messes for fun in their diapers. If your kids love the blind bag surprise dolls, they will love these! They are a great size and full of super cute detail.


TLC KRITTERS are available in-store and online at

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