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Keeping Your Baby Healthy in the Womb


As you have received good news, and you are aware that a baby is growing inside you, you must live a healthy lifestyle for the proper growth and development of your baby. It is obvious that your doctor must have advised you on the good and bad things, but it is all dependent on your choice making. You can take care of your baby very well simply by making some changes in your daily routine.

Prenatal Care:
It is important to be taken for your unborn baby. Book an appointment with an obstetrician once you are aware that you are pregnant. You will get a current month and tentative due date by the doctor. From the next visit, doctors will check for the weight gain, blood pressure, heartbeat, and also will perform an ultrasound. Also, during the pregnancy, doctors will check your blood to make sure of your health, and whether to check your baby is having any birth defect and diseases. Click here for some important baby caring tips and products.

Eat Right:
It is very important for your baby to know what food you eat during pregnancy. In order to get your baby certain nutrients which is essential for proper growth, it is important that you must eat the right food. You must eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. These foods are capable of supplying iron, fiber, and folate, necessary to prevent birth defects. To get essential proteins and nutrients for normal growth, use lean meat, beans, nut in your diet. Consume milk with low fat and eat cheese and yogurt also, as they contain calcium which is helpful in proper bone development. Drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids, also reduces a chance of early labor or premature delivery, as per Mayo Clinic.

Regular exercise will help you in not gaining extra weight during pregnancy, but having more benefits. It develops your sleep as well as it provides more energy. Also helps in improvement in your mood and helps in boosting your confidence. According to the American Pregnancy Association, exercise makes you ready for delivery. If you stay active during pregnancy, it helps to reduce your labor and complications during pregnancy. Have a word with your doctor for proper exercise.

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What to avoid?

For a healthy baby, you must avoid certain things that can be harmful to you. Avoid smoking, drugs, drinks during pregnancy, as they can be responsible for dangerous birth defects and problems to your unborn baby. Soft and unpasteurized cheeses like brie, feta, and blue contain harmful bacteria called listeria, which can result in miscarriage. Steam daily meals before consumption to avoid the formation of listeria. Avoid eating swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel, and shark as they are full of mercury which can create problems in the nervous system of a baby. Also, avoid eating undercooked meat and eggs as they also contain bacteria which can result in dangerous food-borne illness. Consume caffeine, tea, soda, herbal teas, before concerning with a doctor.

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