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Is Winter Over Yet?!?

AHHHHHH!!! We live right out side of Chicago, and we have been having a very Chicago winter! It has been SOOOOOOOO cold... and I am OVER it! I have an awful case of "the winter blues!"  I keep catching myself day dreaming of summer!

A couple weeks ago, we were dealing with -30 to-50 degree temps for days upon days... then we have had snow, then rain, then snow, then ice... it seems to be never ending. We have had so many days off of school. Thank goodness for e-learning though, we don't have to make any of the days up!

I am excited for today... it is supposed to be 50. Crazy that temperature seems warm currently... though I'm not getting too excited... tomorrow night promises a wind storm with 50-60 mph winds to blow 10 degree temps and more snow back in for the week. 

I hate this time of year around here. I get stir crazy and somewhat depressed. I can't wait to have my windows open with a fresh breeze coming in... to have my toes in the sand... and the sunshine on my face!

So while I am out shoveling snow (for hopefully the last time this season) know I am day dreaming of hanging at our local water park, hitting up the beaches of Lake Michigan, going to the Chicago Zoos and all around being a summer bum! 

 I have a "days to vacation" countdown going... I think I need a "days till summer" countdown as well! How about you... is your weather as awful as ours? 

What do you do to beat the winter blues? 

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