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GoSili Silicone Cups: Reduce and Reuse

Thank you to GoSili for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

On the go. Who isn't on the go, especially with kids? Errands along with all the extra activities keep Mom and/or Dad in the car frequently. Of course you want to bring along your coffee to that extra early soccer game or tea along with you because it's chilly outside. The GoSili cup is you solution to wasting fewer cups while on the go.

Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab founded GoSili in 2006 with an ultimate goal of wasting less. Creating silicone products prevents not only waste in cups, but other plastics as well. GoSili products are great not only for the environment, but are an affordable way for you to make a difference.

I am loving my GoSili Travel Mug. It keeps my coffee and tea warm. One feature I really appreciate is that it is difficult to spill anything out of this cup. The lid seals so well that I have yet to spill a drop even when it has leaned to one side.

Truly anything I own needs to be easy to wash, which this is, and of course you want a cup that is comfortable to hold, especially on the go.

Want it? Buy it!

You can buy the 16 ounce Silicone Travel Mug for $14.95. If you would like another color, design, or size, there are more options. There are also smaller cups and straws for kids. For all you people who love Spot and visit him frequently, the To-Go Travel Mug is available at Target for $14.95.

Next on my personal list are straws and reusable bags. GoSili also has an entire kid's line called SiliKids.

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Which GoSili product do you want first?

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