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Celebrate National Strawberry Day with These Easy Recipes!

Happy National Strawberry Day! Today, February 27th is a day to celebrate and enjoy sweet, delicious strawberries! I am a strawberry lover, and so is my sweet toddler. In fact, S loves strawberries so much that she can put away half of a fresh pint of strawberries at a time! We seriously have to limit her strawberry binges so she doesn't make herself sick. I love that she loves fresh fruits, and loves to enjoy strawberries lots of different ways. Give me strawberries in a jam, in crepes or on waffles, in yogurt, in cakes and muffins, or tossed into a salad any day!

Check out these awesome recipes and ideas that include the fruit of the day... strawberries!

Hello, simple and delicious breakfast! Just look at those sweet berries in this warm casserole. 
Come to mama! Expecting company for brunch? This will be your new go-to brunch recipe! It's a definite winner!

Looks delicious, no? I know what I want for lunch today! This is a healthy lunch or dinner option for any day of the week. I am always looking for easy ways to dress up a salad, and I adore berries mixed into them.

Need a quick and refreshing spin on an old favorite beverage? Try this delicious and super easy recipe for strawberry lemonade!

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make a yummy homemade dessert, check out these fabulous tortilla dessert cups! If you have cream cheese, cinnamon & tortillas, you can make these tonight! Don't forget to add the strawberries!

How do you like to enjoy strawberries? I am a huge fan of strawberry shortcakes, as well as strawberries over angel food cake! Yum! We hope you give these easy recipes a try and get your fill of strawberries today!


  1. Yum! Now this is a day I can get behind! The baked oatmeal looks delicious!

  2. Yes I LOVE strawberries. I got some last weekend! These all look delicious!


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