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8 Things To Do – To Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

In the rush of the modern world, stress is the common factor of all our lives. The pressure to handle personal and professional commitments at the same time drains out the energy in you. This is the reason that it becomes difficult to deliver the required quality of work in a given time. For the brain to run efficiently without pressurizing over the little things, you must give it the break it requires.

Soothing sessions of massages or spa have the potential to calm the nerves of our brain while relaxing ourselves to continue with the flow of routine at our best. The therapy and spa sessions at a professional place would cost you a fortune but when you look at the bathroom of your house, you would feel that it is better to invest once for a soothing spa session. Stop your mind from tricking you into it! Instead of spending a fortune over the one-time spa session, you can invest that money to make a permanent spa in the comfort of your own house. Wonder how? Keep reading to know more about the cost-effective ways to gain the comfort of a profession spa session in your bathroom.

By using these tricks, you will gain the complete vibes of a spa while entering your bathroom. It will never feel dull and lifeless again. You will feel completely relaxed and ready for the challenges of the day with these little changes. Scroll down to know more.

Scented candles from Devon Wick have the potential to de-stress any mind. Investing in a few of them will prove profitable in a long run. Lavender, rose and jasmine is some examples of soothing fragrances. Place such scented candles on the shelf of your bathroom and light them up ten minutes prior to your required time. As soon as you enter inside the bathroom, you will feel a strong sense of relaxation, the way you feel at spa sessions. Along with some good music, this fragrance from the candle will delight your mood with its best. However, make sure that you don’t mix the fragrance of two different candles. Only one scent must be lighted at a time.

Lighting and Music
Just as I told in an earlier section, fragrance plays a crucial role in calming your nasal sense but along with the smell of the room, vision and hearing need to be taken care of for a complete soothing experience. Bring some LED light strings and throw them on the walls of your bathroom. Place them specifically near and around your tub so that you get the complete experience near the area you be at. If you feel creative, arrange them in patterns or form words with them.
The next step is to place your mini speakers in the bathroom and play some good music on it. This will provide your senses, the complete experience of a spa.

Plants are always known to bring a wave of freshness to everyone that stays around them. Just their presence has the power to send the relaxing signals to your brain. This is why we recommend artificial plants and flowers instead of the original ones. They provide the same level of comfort and beauty without having the hassle of maintenance. You can place faux hanging plants to decorate the bathroom or change the appearance of the entire wall by creating an artificial plant wall. This will create the illusion of a garden without having to change the architecture of your house. On the glass of your bathroom walls, you can create artificial privacy screening with the help of artificial greenery and name this private space just for yourself.
If you don’t like changing the entire look of your bathroom, you can decorate it with the help of fake leaves. Throw them on your floor to create a fall look or decorate your wall by sticking them over it.

Clear the Clutter
This must be the first thing that you do to create a mentally and emotionally soothing experience in your bathroom. Dispose of all the used or expired bottles that are laying around your shelf. A clear mind creates a happy mind which is why you must dispose of all the waste that is laying in your bathroom. The tissue papers must be well arranged and the waste ones should be thrown off.

Make the Towels Visible
This trick makes a small difference to the feel of your room but it is essential at the same time. If every object of your bathroom stays visible to your eyes, you get a sense of satisfaction and accessibility. This is why you must place your towels at a visible distance from your tubs. One way to place them while decorating your bathroom is to hang them on the steps of a ladder and place that ladder near your shelf. This will add up to the beauty of your bathroom.

If your shelves are arranged in an irregular pattern, remove them and place them in an orderly fashion. Keep only the useful things that you require every day and throw the rest in the inventory. Organization plays a crucial role in calming the nerves of your brain. This is because whenever you see mismanagement, your brain gets into work mode and we need to avoid this. So, make sure that your shelves are organized.

Just like a perfect spa, you have to put all the required tools at your disposal. Ensure that you have a loofah, bath brush, natural sea sponge and the most important, bubbles.

Tub and Tea

Place a wooden caddy across the tub and place your tea and book over it. With this, you can enjoy your tea and book while having your perfect bubble bath. Instead of tea, you can pour a glass of champagne if your day has been rough.

In this way, you would create the perfect experience for yourself, in no time.

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