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Sunday Riley Announces Release of Limited-Edition Set

Sunday Riley is the skincare brand based out of Houston, Texas that is the driving force behind most of the hottest-selling products at Sephora and other cosmetic retailers. They have a huge, loyal base of fans that willingly place themselves on waiting lists when products that were recently launched inevitably sell out in record numbers. This is happening again right now since Sunday Riley just released a new set, but the only place to get it is on the new SundayRiley.com website recently relaunched on November 19, 2018.

Let’s start from the beginning. This is a company that is famous for a liquid exfoliating treatment called “Good Genes,” which is a product containing lactic acid. Many skin care connoisseurs highly-favored it due to its skin-smoothing properties and how their faces actually radiated a quasi-glow after each use.

But, this made for many disappointed fans in the United Kingdom in early 2018. As beloved in Greater Britain as it is in the United States, the product was discontinued there because new laws do not allow for the excess of lactic acid that the product contains. The population was saddened to hear this because the product was quite effective, making it very popular.

The company confirmed the discontinuation in the United Kingdom but was still set on re-conquering that market share that they had held for so long in the area. So, they reformulated the serum using glycolic acid, which is not regulated as stringently across the pond and released the product in October of this year. For the last two months, only those under the Queen’s rule were able to purchase this formula of Good Genes. However, Sunday Riley is now selling it in a limited-edition set to us via the aptly-named Early Access Kit.

This is an extremely rare set to get your hands on. There will only be 1,000 kits manufactured and sold in total. To make them even more valuable, each kit will also feature two brand new products that are not even set to launch anywhere until early next year. One of those, titled “A+,” set for a January 2019 launch, is a serum consisting of a retinoid, similar to its popular “Luna Sleeping Night Oil,” but more intense. The other product, called “C.E.O. Glow,” set for a March 2019 debut, is face oil formulated from turmeric and vitamin C.

A+ contains 6.5% retinol and is made for anyone looking for potent, professional-strength formulas that produce quick results. While you may have to build up a tolerance to the ingredient if you have naturally sensitive skin, the product also contains healing components like bisabolol from the chamomile flower, prickly pear cactus, ginger, and Hawaiian white honey. Still, irritation and peeling can occur when you first apply retinol-based formulas.

C.E.O. Glow is glow-producing face oil based on the "C.E.O." serum the company already sells. It is not made from run-of-the-mill vitamin C, but instead is created from the potent THD ascorbate, along with the complimentary vitamin E, and various antioxidants. Like the product it derives from, C.E.O. Glow nourishes and enhances skin.

With all these exclusive products and the limited manner in which it is being produced, how much can devotees expect to pay for the Early Access Kit? Surprisingly, it will sell for an astonishing $185! That’s even more incredible when you realize that the set contains over $200 worth of products, and they are not sample-sized, either.

Remember, you can get both A+ and C.E.O. Glow in the coming months, but outside this set, the company has not confirmed nor denied whether or not they plan to launch the new Good Genes formula in the United States.

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