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My last weekend in my 30's!!!!

Oh my goodness you guys!!! This is my last weekend in my 30's! 40 didn't seem scary when I turned 39 last year... but here we are, and that number is terrifying me! It's just a number... right?!? The kids are taking me out to celebrate this weekend since my birthday falls on Wednesday. They want to go ice skating and take me to Rainforest CafĂ©... and all I can think is "Ice Skating?!? Am I going to enter my 40's with a broken hip?!?" LOL 

My oldest daughter started high school this year. I joked and said "How can you be starting high school when I practically just finished??" My dad said something along the same lines to me today when my kids were teasing me about turning 40 during family dinner... He said "You think 40 is old... wait till one of your kids turns 40!" 

Here's to my last weekend in my 30's... May I make it though with no broken bones... May I grow no more sparkles in my hair (my hair dressers polite way of saying she's covering my gray!) and may my 40's be as amazing as my 30's were. 

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