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How to Be Your Own Boss in the Beauty Industry

Being your own boss in the beauty industry is intimidating at first glance since it’s such a popular route these days. But with some self-accountability and some help social media and a few organization tools, the pay-off is well worth the work put in.

  1. Create Social Media for Your Business

In today’s world, especially with freelance businesses and self-managed practices, social media is essential. While word of mouth may still have the upper hand in spreading the good word about businesses, social media has overtaken because it’s so easy and quick for people to share their experience with your service or products through their own profiles.

As a professional in the beauty industry, the most important social media platform is going to Instagram. The beauty world is about how you are able to make your clients look, and as a photo sharing platform, Instagram allows you (and them) to share what you create. People are on social media all the time, and seeing your work as they go about their lives will not only inspire them to come to you themselves but talk to their friends about you when they are in need of a beauty service.

Having social media is important for not only you but your current and future clients. Young generations now are very social media active and motivated, so it’s essential that you have your pages up to scratch to attract them.

  1. Keep Track of Your Income and Expenses

As someone who is in charge of their own business, it’s vital that you keep track of every income and expense. This is important for record keeping, taxes, and budget planning. It’s also recommended that you keep a business checking account for your company, completely separate from your own personal finances.

  1. Keep in Contact with Your Clients

In order to keep your clients’ loyalty, it’s important that you are loyal to them as well. Keep in contact with them and keep a friendly relationship after the hair or make-up appointment.

Get to know them while you are styling their hair or doing their make-up so they can make a connection with you. Having their go-to beauty guru as a friend will make them want to come to see you when they need anything as well as recommend you to their own friends.

  1. Manage Your Business on the Go

Salon management apps are the tech advancement that every stylist has been dreaming of. With Glossgenius.com and other salon management software, you can have your own profile that will allow clients to book appointments with you in a matter of seconds, at any time eliminating the hassle if finding a time where both of you are able to discuss when you are free. These programs provide features such as:
       Business Calendar (with daily, weekly, and monthly views)
       Personal Availability Hours
       Easy Repeat Booking
       Booking over Facebook
       Housecall Options
       Client Knowledge Platform
        Client Photos
        Contact Number and E-mail
        Client History
       Push Notifications
       Mobile App
       Hassle-Free Payment Processing

These programs also usually provide assistance with marketing through social media and website tracking, business and financial analytics, and brand building for your business.

Final Thoughts

One of the perks of running your own business is that it allows you to customize your schedule so you can take vacations when you want and work whatever hours you please. Having your own clients will allow you to build stronger relationships with them build a stronger client loyalty rate.

The idea or running your own business in an industry that has plenty of job openings seems daunting, but it’s completely possible. Stand out from the crowd and your salon will be a success!

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