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5 Winter Camping Essentials

Did you think that camping was only something you should do during the summer months? It’s time to think again. In fact, camping during the winter can be a really fun activity as long as you’re adventurous and well-prepared for the cold weather. The key is staying comfortable by choosing all the right gear and equipment, so here is a guide to the top five winter camping essentials that will make sure you have the best possible time on the trails during the colder months without freezing to death.

1.The Right Tent
The very first thing you need to take with you when you’re camping in the winter is a four season tent. The standard tent that you use during the summer months just won’t suffice when the weather turns cold. You’ll need to select a tent designed for use in the cold season and which has poles and walls that are much sturdier to withstand higher winds and driving rain. These kind of tents are also warmer inside so you can be more comfortable while you sleep. If you really want to keep the chill out for good, choose some of the best tent heaters to get the job done.
2.The Right Sleeping Bag
There’s nothing worse than curling up for the night in a sleeping bag which doesn’t keep you warm. You need to sleep well when you’re camping, and that means you need to choose a sleeping bag which is rated for use during cold weather. Even if you have a four season tent, you still need a sleeping bag which can keep you warm at temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less. This will ensure you’re toasty and cozy all night long.
3.A Winter Sleep Pad
When you sleep on the ground, it can get cold at any time of the year. If you’re sleeping on the ground in the winter months, it’ll be even colder. That means choosing a sleeping pad which has a high R value is vital. The R scale measures how warm the pad is, and choosing one with a higher value will ensure that you’ve selected a pad which has been designed specifically for use in a cold environment. The sleeping pad will keep you off the ground, acting as a buffer between your sleeping bag and the tent floor. It’ll also keep you dry and warm. While it’s useful in all four seasons, it’s especially important during the winter.
4.Winter Clothing
You might be warm and cozy in your tent, but you won’t be staying in there all day every day. You’ll be getting out and about too, so you’ll need to choose clothing which is warm enough to wear during the winter. You should choose layers so you’ll always be warm when you’re skiing, hiking or snowshoeing, but then you can take them off so you won’t be too uncomfortable when you go indoors or return to your tent at the end of the day. Choose a good quality thermal base layer which will keep you warm and then add more layers over that layer for extra insulation. Down jackets and shell layers of pants and jackets will repel inclement elements and offer you additional warmth when outdoors. By wearing these items all together, you’ll be warm in the snow or rain no matter how long you stay outdoors.
5.Winter Boots
If you’re a keen hiker during the summer months, you probably already have some boots that you could wear, however, you’ll find them woefully lacking in the snow. You’ll need to buy some warm footwear which is specifically designed to grip on wet and snowy surfaces. A pair of good winter boots keep your feet dry and comfortable in all weathers so you can stay on the trail all day without suffering from cold feet.

You can see that winter equipment is essential when you go camping during the colder months of the year. However, with the right preparation, you’ll find that you enjoy the experience just as much at this time of year as you do in the summer. In fact, you might enjoy it even more since very often you can have the campsites and trails all to yourself as many other campers stay away, deterred by the cold weather. Have a wonderful camping trip!

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