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Pinhole Press: Cards, Prints, and More for Every Occasion!

 Thank you to Pinhole Press for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I think I've sent Christmas cards from different companies each of the last five years. I simply cannot choose a company and stay with it. However, I think I will be staying with Pinhole Press from now on. Their cards and other products are high quality and I love the designs. 
Pinhole Press has been creating personalized products since 2011. Their goal is to spread joy with quality, sophistication, and simplicity. With a wide variety of products for numerous occasions, everyone will find something at Pinhole Press.

Of course, I wanted Christmas cards to send. My friend took amazing photos of my boys and family so I wanted to share them this holiday season. Pinhole Press's card designs vary greatly from holiday cards to wedding announcements to baby showers. Not every style makes you have so many pictures as many just use one or two. I loved that I had so many options not only in how many pictures I could use, but also the format for anyone's specific fashion. 

I also loved this personalized whiteboard that simply sticks to the wall. I have started writing Hendrix's activities for the week on it so he can gain a better sense of time and see what he has to look forward to during the week. Along with the activities, I wrote a few "chores" he should be completing every day like brushing his teeth, putting dirty clothes in his hamper, and cleaning up toys. 

Maverick will get his own once he's old enough. I also love the meal planner and responsibility chart. Those are going in my cart next. 

Pinhole Press really has something for every event and every person. 

I wish I had known about Pinhole Press when I got married as the wedding stationary is beautiful and very affordable. They even sell framed prints! Check out all they have to offer. 

I also love that this postcard came with my order. There was a little holiday coloring scene on the other side and if you mail it in, Pinhole Press makes a donation. Companies who give back will always get my support over those who do not.

Want it? Buy it!

The customized holiday cards range in price starting as low as $1.49. You can customize the pictures, text, foil, and even the envelopes. You can add the addresses to already be printed for you! Talk about convenient. 

The customized thank you cards start at $1.39. Once again, there's quite a variety of styles to match your own. 

The dry erase decal is only $19.99. It is definitely high quality, easy to put on the wall, and the writing erases easily. These are great resources to help you organize yourself and the kids while helping the kids learn to organize and plan themselves. 

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Calendars, cards, dry erase decals, and prints: what's first on your list from Pinhole Press? 

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