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Fashion and Beauty Hacks to Keep You Looking Young

We have all seen people that look many years younger than they actually are, and generally wondered how they keep looking so good. Film and TV stars manage it all the time, but so do people you come across in everyday life. There is not anything wrong in looking your age, it is just that vanity dictates we try to avoid it.

There are many things you can do to stay looking younger, from skin care to the way you dress and behave. Here are a few tips that could help you with this aim.

Beauty Sleep

This is not a myth or an old wives tale; you really do need enough sleep to stay looking good, as you can see at https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/beauty-sleep-is-not-a-myth/. A lack of shut-eye can make your skin look dull and tired, and your eyes will become puffy and inflamed. It is while you are sleeping that your body repairs itself, and gets itself ready for the next day. This is not just a physical thing either. Your brain needs the rest or you will start to become anxious and moody, and that shows in your appearance.

As an added bonus, it has been proven that people who get enough sleep are less likely to put on excess weight, and a lack of it can be a precursor to obesity.

You also need to learn to relax when you are not sleeping. We all lead such busy lives that sometimes this feels impossible, However, all it needs is half an hour or so where you can sit back and do nothing, read a book, or play a game on your smartphone.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can be a huge factor in the age you look. Reduce the number of carbs that you eat and replace them with healthier options. Fruit and vegetables are great for your skin, as the vitamins and antioxidants in them will help to keep it smooth and silky.  Oily products such as fish and nuts are also good and will help to keep at bay any dry patches and flakiness.

Exercise releases endorphins, which when they reach our brain make us feel good. Someone that is smiling and happy will always look younger than a person that is stressed out.

Smoking and alcohol are both bad for the skin as well. They will make you dehydrated and cause you to age faster. Avoiding them altogether is one of the best things you can do for your youthful looks and your health.

Care For Your Face And Neck

Try to get into a daily routine of skin care if you’re serious about being beautiful, and the younger you start this the more effective it will be. Our skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity as we age and that is perfectly natural. You can slow the process down, however, by using moisturizers and exfoliating your skin. The moisturizer should be applied each morning and night. According to https://www.siobeauty.com/blogs/news/all-natural-face-exfoliators, once a week you do give this treatment to your face, neck, and chest. It takes away the layers of dead skin cells, which if left can clog your pores and be the reason for breakouts. You should not overdo it though, once a week is enough.

Hair Styles

You need to find a style that suits the shape of your face, as your hair surrounds it and this is important.  Updating your hairstyle can knock years from your age, and you should talk to your hairdresser about this. You want something that is easily manageable so that you can keep it looking as good as it did when they first did it.

Don’t be afraid to change the color either. We do not always notice that a few grey hairs start to creep in around our thirtieth birthday, and changing your hair color for something that will hide this and make it look shiny and healthy has to be a good idea. These days, people are not scared to opt for hair colors like green and blue. If you choose one of these, just make sure it does not clash with your eye color.

Look After Your Teeth

Our teeth start to yellow as we age. Some people become very aware of this and stop smiling properly to avoid it. There are drugstore treatments you can buy to whiten them again, or you could speak with your dental hygienist to see if they can help.

Whitening your teeth can bring back that lovely smile that helps to keep you looking younger than you really are.

Take A Close Look At Your Wardrobe

The clothes you wear can make a big difference to the age you appear to be. If all your clothes are dark and dreary, that is the impression people will have of you. Wear some brighter things and do not be scared to wear patterns. They can take the focus off you and put it more onto your clothing.

You may be carrying a little weight around your middle, perhaps because you have given birth in the last couple of years or that it has just happened as you have started to age. Wearing trousers that have an elasticated waist, instead of flies with a zip, can make this look less obvious. Make them skinny at the ankles or one of the cropped styles to have the best anti-aging effect.

You should stop wearing big and shapeless garments to try and hide a fuller figure. Hiding your arms, hips, and stomach in clothing that drowns you will actually make you look bulkier and older.

You need to take care with your accessories too. A string of pearls might have looked good back in the day, but now they scream old age at you. Keep your accessories more simple than that, and do not overdo the amount you wear. A few good pieces will look much better than loads of bracelets and necklaces and will give you a classier appearance

When it comes to scarves, do not wear then just tied around your neck like an air stewardess, would. These can be one of the simplest but best accessories you can buy. Have them in different colors and textures, and maybe use them as a belt or hang one from the waste of your trousers or skirt.

The one thing that happens, as you get older is that you want comfort, especially for your feet. Do not put them through the hell of teetering on stilettoes, but go for a thicker heel that will give them more support. They will not only look good and you will find it easier to walk, but your feet with thank you by not aching at the end of the day.

Don’t underestimate how useful t-shirts can be. They come in all shapes and colors and can be worn under anything you want. Throw a big cardigan over one when it is cold, and you will still be looking as relaxed as ever.

A blazer or leather jacket can also be a very useful addition to your wardrobe. They can be worn with pants or skirts and can finish a younger looking outfit of just fine.

You may think that the older you are the longer your skirt has to be and that on its own can be very aging. Choose a midi length instead that shows off the best part of your legs, as full-length skirts in loose fabrics can make you appear to be frumpy.

Straighten Up

The way you carry yourself can affect how old you appear to be.  A hunched over posture will make you look older than you are, but standing up straight will make all the difference. It will also make you look more confident and easier to communicate with. Keep practicing this and very soon you will find it is the normal way for you to be.

Your Hands Will Give You Away

If you do not care for your hands, they can be a dead give away as to your correct age. You need to look after them as you would you face and neck. Keep them moisturized to stop the skin drying out. You must stop biting your nails too.  There is nothing wrong in having short nails, but they should be shaped properly and not by your teeth. In fact, wearing a deep colored nail polish can take the focus from the skin on your hands, and make them appear younger.

Find What Suits You

People are all different, or it would be a very boring life we lead. Above are just a few tricks and hacks that can help you to stay looking younger, but you have to decide which ones will suit you. There is no doubt many more if you care to look online, and perhaps some of those will be better for you personally than the ones mentioned above. Whatever you do, you have to be comfortable with it for it to be effective.

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