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Elf on the Shelf- Santa's Helper or Creepy Minion

I loved dolls for Christmas every year when I was a kid and then I hit the age where dolls kind of creeped me out. There were dolls with the eyes that followed me everywhere or the ones that would cry out of nowhere when the batteries were long since dead.  Elf on the Shelf came out in 2005 and while my children were still young we never bought into this tradition and I am counting my blessings. 

The song says "He knows when you have been good or bad" so is Elf on the Shelf his little mini helper/spy? Does he give Santa all the dirt on children that misbehave?  Is he friend or foe to children?  I am not quite sure. 

In European areas there is the concept of Krampus which is a monster that punishes children who have misbehaved. Is Elf on the shelf instilling part of that mentality to fear being misbehaved?  

What are your thoughts?
 Do you use Elf on the shelf?


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  1. We just started this year. It's definitely a bit creepy, in my opinion, but my oldest is in charge of it to entertain my youngest.


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