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Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

Have you been encountering issues intermittently since you installed your furnace? If your answer to that question is Yes, then don’t you think you are probably not doing something right? A furnace has an overall lifespan of fifteen years and could last till the 5th year if properly managed. So, if that is the case, why then should you be facing issues with your furnace when you just newly installed your furnace? My best bet is lack of proper maintenance! And you should find the Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace that will be discussed in this article, useful.

The longevity of every appliance is heavily dependent on the maintenance measures invested in it; and the furnace is no exception to this rule. So, in cases where you are lackadaisical towards maintaining your furnace, an eventual breakdown of the furnace is imminent.

You want to make sure your furnace is always in top performance at all times? Here are tips you should apply:
  1. Take Proper Safety Measures

First things first, you want to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for danger. Because things could go south easily while handling a furnace. You should have the following safety measures at the back of your mind before embarking on every maintenance task.

  • If you are using a gas furnace, endeavor to switch it off before cleaning.
  • Check for gas leaks before cleaning. If you detect any foul gas smell, it is advisable you evacuate your house immediately and call a professional to fix the leak.
  • Ensure there are no electric faults that could cause a spark; which can cause a fire outbreak if there is a gas leak.

A number of accidents have been recorded prior the cleaning of the furnace, but by abiding to the safety tips above, you have no cause to be alarmed.

  1. Keep The Filters Clean

The filter is one part of the furnace systemthat actss as resistance against incoming dirt into the furnace, that could disrupt its functionality. Though it is somewhat a protective tool to the furnace, it can get clogged over time after consistent use;making itt a necessity to be cleaned at least once monthly.
After a long time, cleaning the filters won’t cut it again as you may be experiencing a decline in the functioning of the gas furnace; in times like that, a change of filters is the right thing to do.
I normally advise people to change the filters between 1-2 months, to enjoy optimal performance.

  1. Check The Thermostat

Of all the Acclaimed Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning tips there is, this is one I consider very crucial, considering the importance of the thermostat to a gas furnace. A faulty thermostat could result to a shutdown of supply of heat to the house orana increase in the amount of heat supplied to the house or abnormal regulation of the heat supplied to the house. If you are sure of setting the thermostat and you still experience an anomaly in the amount of heat supplied, then the thermostat is most likely at fault; the earlier you call a technician to fix it, the better.

  1. Keep The  Blower Clean

This is yet another useful tips for maintaining a furnace. It is definitely normal to have dusts and dirt clinging onto the blower since it is also responsible for circulating the heat in the house. After cleaning the filter, the next place to clean should be the blower, since they are both located close to each other. You should wipe off the accumulated dirt with a washcloth damped in soapy water and allow to dry before switching the furnace back on.

  1. Keep The Ventilations Clean
Like the blower and the filters, theventilations is bound to be blocked by dirt after a prolonged use of the gas furnace, making isa top priority to have it cleaned regularly. A blockedventilations can make your house the harbor of foul gases which can cause damage to your body system in the long run.  You can simply clean theventilations by using a large brush.

  1. Check The Fan
If the fan of your furnace is faulty,then theree will be no proper distribution of heat to the entire house. To avoid it getting to that point, endeavor to call a professional to have it checked routinely to save you costs in the long run.

  1. Clean The Ducts

Another place that is prone to be blocked by dirt after prolonged use is the ducts. It is more appropriate to clean the ducts with vacuum cleaners; as it is more efficient for that purpose.
Just as it is pertinent for us – humans – to undergo medicalcheckupss routinely, so is it pertinent to apply the useful tips for maintaining a furnace discussed above, to keep your appliance in top performance always and to save you the cut-neck costs of repair.

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