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The Cirkul Bottle Turns Your Water From Boring To Bold With One Click #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Cirkul for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

I go to get a checkup or physical and I'm told, "DRINK MORE WATER". Theoretically, this sounds like a wonderful idea and I have every intention of drinking "half of my body weight in ounces" per day of this delicious liquid. However, we all know that halfway through the day when PLAIN water just isn't cutting it, we venture over to the mini espresso machine, coffee maker or refrigerator and grab a beverage with a little more FLAVOR!

What if your beverage that had a little more flavor and your required water were ONE IN THE SAME? I fully realize that flavored water is not a new idea, but hear me when I say, Cirkul is! 

I have been so excited to share with you about my recent experience with Cirkul. My health is something that I tend to be excited about in waves. I tend to go through "health phases" (my last being using a home rowing machine) and as I've mentioned before on MBP, I am a Bariatric girl. Having lost a lot of weight (100 lbs) and needing to be diligent about what I'm consuming, one would think that water would be my number one pick every single time.

One would think. The truth is, I love flavored drinks. Why do I almost feel ashamed to admit that?! Why are flavored drinks labeled with such a stigma in the health conscious generation that we live?
The reason is because flavored beverages are usually packed with unholy levels of sugar, food coloring and additives. 


Does this picture excite you as much as it does me? Do you see the COFFEE flavors in that photo above and are your eyeballs having trouble staying inside your head? 

Me too. I've tried it. I'm convinced. I'm a believer and I'm obsessed. So by now you are wanting to know more about what Cirkul is, where you can get it, what's IN it and maybe why you aren't currently sipping on a healthier caramel iced coffee while you're reading this. I'm sorry you're not. Really, I am. You should be. 

The nice people at Cirkul sent me a pretty blue box and I opened it up to find a really nice water bottle and some flavor packs. They also sent me a bunch of extra flavors so that I could get the full Cirkul experience. 

I want to encourage you to check out the video explaining exactly how the Cirkul bottle works. In the video, you will learn there are three varieties of drinks to choose from and within each category are multiple flavors. There are the life sip, fit sip for before and after workouts and the go sip which has some natural energy to a quick "pick me up". Ler's not forget the coffee flavors too. 

You simply screw in the flavor cartridge of your choice and fill up the bottle with water. When you tilt the bottle back to take a sip, the water flows through the flavor cartridge and hits your taste buds with flavor!

Sorry for the corny picture, but my hubby (this very cute guy pictured above) is incredibly picky when it comes to his beverages. He does not enjoy most bottled beverages on the market. He literally took a sip of the strawberry watermelon, sat the bottle down and said, "wow". I would have to agree. I have not tried all of the flavors yet, but this flavor is amazing.

Something incredible about the Cirkul system:

1 flavor cartridge is equal to four 20 oz bottles of your favorite beverage. So when you finish your Cirkul bottle, just fill it back up to continue enjoying the delicious flavored water!

There is an adjustable dial on the top of the cartridge so that after you screw it into place, you can decide just how intense you want the flavor to be. This is absolutely above and beyond and kind of blew my mind. I can literally control how I want my drink to taste. It can be tough to find water you enjoy the taste of, whether you have well water, city water or buy bottled. Learning what's in your well water might prompt you to give this bottle and filter a try like we did!

If you set the dial to "O", you will be drinking plain water and the intensity increases as you dial up. Isn't this amazing?! I'm a huge fan of this design and so far, I love the flavors I have tried. The bottle itself is dishwasher safe (huge plus) and leak resistant. Also, if it does spill, it's only water!

75% of Americans (raises hand) do not drink enough water and with this issue, a whole slew of medical problems can either arise of become exacerbated. I have seen this occur in my own life and I'm really excited there is a company that saw this issue and developed a product that can help to solve it. I love that!

0 Calories. All natural flavors. 0 Sugar
 (stevia or sucralose is used as sweetener)

There are so many flavors to choose from. Visit the website to look at all of the different flavor offerings!


Right now you can snag a starter kit for $8! You should really jump on this deal with Christmas right around the corner. I know there is a flavored water loving person in my family that is going to love this product as much as I do. If you are interested in getting your starter kit and becoming a person who no longer fits into that 75% category of Americans who do not drink enough water, click HERE. This is what you get for $8:

Give it a whirl and you'll be glad you did. You can order additional flavors at any time and cancel or change your order at any time as well.

Visit Cirkul on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on this awesome company! Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in this offer and if Cirkul seems like something you are interested in trying.

Lindsey Lou's Final Thoughts: As much as I know I need to drink more water, I rarely ever seem to get enough in. I like that Cirkul has incorporated coffee flavors as well as some flavors that increase energy or provide body replenishment after working out. I had no idea such a product existed, but I'm so glad to have been introduced to Cirkul. I kind of feel like my water-drinking game is changed. I have to give Cirkul two, hydrated thumbs up!


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