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Surprise the Game Lover with a Personalized Game from Bundle #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Bundle for the game. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Staying on my unique and different gift hunt, I came across Bundle. It is a personalized game, perfect for any game lover in your life. This game is perfect for the holidays as it is fun to play as a family and reminisce on favorite memories. 

Jacklyn and Cassie, sisters, created Bundle out of the desire to gift a personalized game and finding no companies who created one. 

I must consider myself one of the luckiest people because I hit the jackpot with my in-laws. They are incredibly warm, welcoming, funny, supportive, and love the holidays. Already very family centered in their everyday lives, the holidays bring out their joy of being with their family even more. 

My mother in-law is the queen of games. I didn't know so many games existed until I saw her collection. I was thrilled to give this to her. 

Bundle doesn't have to be personalized, but I thought she would enjoy it. I sent a message to my husband and his siblings about favorite memories, traditions, or funny anecdotes from their childhood. I filled out the "Bundle Blueprint" and the company worked their magic. 

Bundle is a cloth board and 4 decks of cards:
  • Name 4
  • Act It Out
  • Challenge
  • Pick Your Destiny
You simply roll the dice, move your pawn, and select whichever card corresponds to the color you land on. 

It is a very relaxed game that is centered around family. This gift couldn't be any more perfect for this time of year. 

Want it? Buy it!

If you do not want to include a personalized deck, you could get one of the following for $35:

Couple Bundle

Family Bundle

Bachelorette Bundle 

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Which relative or friend in your life would enjoy a Personalized Bundle?

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