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Sunday Riley and the Early Access Kit

When it comes to skincare products, Sunday Riley has a hard-core following, unlike any other brand. Retail site Sephora is routinely inundated with requests whenever this cosmetics giant inaugurates a new product. There is one forthcoming, by the way. Stay tuned.

Under the radar, Sunday Riley has sold a liquid exfoliant known as Good Genes. Popular among skin care aficionados, this topical treatment conveys smoother skin and a healthy glow. Its presence on the market may have been too good to be true, since sales were terminated in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Characterized as an "all in one lactic acid treatment," Good Genes fell subject to new regulatory limits on lactic acid content. This ban was corroborated by a company representative.

Social media then blew up. Users of this product were crestfallen by the news, that is until October when it was re-released in Her Majesty's realm after having been reconstituted with glycolic acid as the operative agent. This new and improved rendition was available to British consumers only...up to the present.

According to Allure -- the first and only source for this information --, Sunday Riley is introducing the exfoliating blend into the United States to a select number of patrons. The Early Access Kit, as this limited-edition set is dubbed, will go to the first 1,000 customers. Yet, there is more. These few will also receive two yet to be released products ahead of their debuts in 2019.

One of the two pre-release items go by the moniker A+. The brand describes it as a "high-dose retinoid serum," and considers it a new and improved version of its Luna Sleeping Night Oil. With retinol composing 6.5 percent of its contents, A+ is a potent formulation yielding expedited results. [CAUTION: Those with sensitive skin are advised by the company to slowly fortify their tolerance to retinol while always employing sunscreen,] To be sure, retinol is sometimes associated with skin inflammation or flaking. To offset such side-effects, this product is also made with soothing botanicals: bisoprolol from chamomile, prickly pear cactus, ginger and Hawaiian white honey,

The other bonus for Early Access recipients stands on the shoulders of the C.E.O. serum that won the 2018 Allure Readers' Choice award. This new offering -- C.E.O Glow -- combines turmeric face oil with vitamin C, antioxidants and vitamin E to affect a healthy facial sheen. As vitamin C is delivered through highly potent THD ascorbate, this compound adds radiance and vibrancy to skin. In fact, it is a fitting inclusion to the C.E.O. product line. (

So, what is the price tag on all of these benefits? The Early Access Kit conveys $230 worth of value at a retail price of $185. Although Good Genes availability in the U.S. is by no means official -- outside of the kit -- you can count on a January 2019 introduction for A+, followed by the inauguration of C.E.O Glow in March. To avail yourself of this unique opportunity, access the revived SundayRiley,com site which launches on November 19.

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