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Putting Up Your Christmas Tree is a Breeze with Easy Treezy, The World's Easiest Christmas Tree + Discount Code!

Thank you to Easy Treezy for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Everywhere I look, the signs that Christmas is coming are all around. As I drove through the downtown area of my city just this morning, I was greeted by hanging wreaths, large red bows, and lighted trees in storefront windows. Ah, the magic of the season is here! I know what you're thinking- Thanksgiving is still a few days away, and here we are, talking about Christmas trees? You'll have to forgive me- the Christmas bug has bitten me a bit earlier than usual this season, and I have been itching to put a tree up for the past couple of weeks!

I've read lots of reports that people who put their Christmas trees up and decorate for the holidays earlier than most are actually happier. Isn't that reason enough to start tearing through the attic for the Christmas decor?

We usually put our Christmas tree up in December, and every year since my husband and I got married, we have selected and put up a live tree in our home. As beautiful as they are, over the years, I've really wanted to find a beautiful artificial tree to take the place of a real one. My reasons are valid- my son and I have developed an allergy to real trees. When we bring a real tree into our house, we're constantly sneezing from early December to New Year's. Real trees are messy. I am still finding fir needles from last year's tree! Plus, they have to be watered, and even still, dry out quickly. They're also big & tend to be fat. We've never been able to find a real tree that takes up minimal space and doesn't overtake our living room, which is on the small side.

Easy Treezy: The World's Easiest Christmas Tree

Eazy Treezy arrives in a box, ready to be taken out and set up in seconds!

This year, we're making a big change, and we have Easy Treezy to thank for it! We searched high and low for an affordable, natural looking, pre-lit, slim tree that was over 7 feet tall. We needed something that we could live with, would be easy to set up and take down, and wouldn't swallow our living room whole.

Easy Treezy was our answer to everything we wanted and needed in a Christmas tree! They are truly the world's easiest trees to set up, and get this- you can set this tree up in just 60 seconds! Pretty impressive, huh?

For years, we avoided artificial trees, because we just couldn't seem to find one that looked nice enough or close to real. Let me tell you, our tree from Easy Treezy is beautiful and looks even better than I could have hoped!

Let's Set Up the Tree!

Easy Treezy arrives in four pieces.

Easy Treezy arrives disassembled. To set up the tree, simply remove from the box and get ready to stack! It did take both me and my husband to remove the pieces of the tree from the box for the first time since they were packaged tightly. After that, my hubby took it from there, and read the simple and easy to follow instructions before attempting to set up the tree.

Easy Treezy is held together and in place by strong magnets!

Okay, so this is the easiest tree we've ever put together! There's no huge base, there are no branches to jam into the trunk of the tree, etc. Just four easy-to-stack pieces. After the tree is removed from the box, I would suggest separating the pieces, so you have four easy to see and identify pieces. Next, all you have to do is stack from the bottom working your way up to the top. 1, 2, 3, 4, and done!

Voila! So easy!

Simply close the end of each piece of the tree together. The magnets will hold them in place. Stack the pieces from largest to smallest, working your way up. Again, the magnets will hold them in place. Plug the lights into one another, and then into the wall to turn the lights on!

I feel like the Easy Treezy has completely changed our lives. Normally, bringing home and setting up a real Christmas tree takes all day! It makes a huge mess and leaves us all cranky. I couldn't be more pleased with our beautiful tree from Easy Treezy! It's exactly the type of tree we've been looking for, and my husband and I were so happy to be able to set it up in just about 1 minute flat! Amazing!

It looks like a real fir tree and is beautifully pre-lit, so I don't have to worry about messing with tangles of lights this year! Yay!

The Kids Love Our Easy Treezy!

Our tree has already stood up well against our kiddos!

I was worried that the tree might not fare too well once my kids came home from grandma's house and went wild around it. Would ya know it, the tree hasn't budged! It's already been knocked into, and my two-year-old just can't help herself from hugging the tree (she's so excited for Christmas!), and it's stayed in place! I was pretty stunned to see the tree standing its ground against my kids!

We're incredibly happy with the way our tree from Easy Treezy looks. It's a  gorgeous addition to our holiday decor, and I'm looking forward to filling it with our family's ornaments this coming weekend! I'll come back to show you a picture of our tree all decked out in precious memories!

Speaking of ornaments- you can get your Easy Treezy Pre-Decorated! That's right! Easy Treezy gives customers the option of ordering not just a pre-lit tree, but a pre-decorated one at that! Setting up your Christmas tree literally could not be easier than that! There are lots of options to choose from if you want a pre-decorated tree. The decorations are sturdily wired onto the tree pieces. Just stack the pre-lit and pre-decorated tree pieces, plug in, and you're good to go! If you want to do the decorating yourself, but love the decorations on the Easy Treezy trees, just order a decorating kit! There are lots to choose from!

Easy Treezy pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree looks so real with its lifelike Douglas Fir needles. Tree assembles in 60 seconds and comes pre-lit with long-life LED lights. Available in 5.5’ and 7.5’ tree sizes.

5.5 ft Natural Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree


We are thrilled with our beautiful tree from Eay Treezy, and love that this tree keeps its promises! It's easy to set up in seconds, easy to take down and takes up very little storage space. I couldn't be happier, and now I'm really ready for Christmas! If you're going to be setting your Christmas tree up soon, you'll definitely want to consider switching to Easy Treezy! Even if you already have a large tree, or like to put up a real one, these make excellent additional trees! My goal is to purchase a couple more of these gorgeous trees from Easy Treezy and set up themed trees throughout our home!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Easy Treezy to see how easy it is to set the tree up, and to order one for yourself! Don't miss out on their Mega Christmas Sale! All items are 20 - 40% off with free shipping! Plus, MBP readers can save 10% off their order! Just use the code Blockparty10 at checkout!

Easy Treezy would make an incredible Christmas gift for newlyweds, new parents, college kids, young adults, seniors, or anyone! I wish I could have given one of these trees to my grandmother years ago. She would have been able to put up and enjoy a beautiful slim, pre-lit tree in her apartment without it taking up a lot of space. She would have loved it! All of our family members are already telling us that they now want their own Easy Treezy! I can't blame them- it's pretty fabulous!

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A huge thanks to Easy Treezy for allowing me to share about their gorgeous pre-lit natural trees, and for sharing this awesome discount code with our readers! Be sure to look for Easy Treezy in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

When do you put your Christmas tree up?


  1. I love how easy this is to put together. I need one of these.

    1. It was so amazingly easy! I can't wait to add more of these beautiful trees to our home!


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