Meaningful Gifts To Ensure Your Stockings Will Be Bursting At The Seams

It’s official; Halloween has been and gone. You’re already packing up the costumes and wondering what to do with all that leftover candy. Now, with November upon us, it’s past time you started thinking about the C word. We know you’ve worked hard to put it off until now, but enough is enough. If you want any chance at saving yourself a last minute rush, starting now is the way to do it.

Of course, the only way most of us can tackle this task is to split things into sections. If you’re anything like most, you may start with stocking fillers. These are, after all, one of the hardest things to get right. They’re also the things you need the most of. Hence why starting here is a good idea.

The trouble is, stockings get boring. Every year, you gravitate towards sweets and junk toys no one ever uses. It’s a waste of time and a waste of money, and this year, you swear your selections will be more meaningful. The trouble is, you don’t know how to make that happen. Lucky for you, we have some suggestions to help you get this right. Keep reading to find out how to fill your stockings with love this time around.

Make it yourself

Do meaningful gifts get better than the ones you make yourself? We don’t think so. Even better, making small things for a stocking doesn’t take as long as you might expect. You could make sweets, mini notebooks, or even bookmarks. All these are fast to make and easy enough to do in batches. This simple, step, then, could see you creating multiple meaningful stockings.

Get personal

Personalized stocking fillers are also a fantastic option. Something like a fridge magnet with a picture of the two of you would do. Or, you might want to go all out with custom photo socks to stick to the stocking theme. Either way, these are things which will mean more because of their personal connection. You can bet the receiver won’t chuck that picture away the way they might any other stocking filler. Instead, these are things they’re sure to appreciate and keep for a long time to come.

Fall on shared jokes

If neither of the above appeals to you, it may be worth turning to jokes you and the receiver share. This shows you’ve gone out of your way to remember conversations the two of you have. That in itself can make gifts like these meaningful. Keep this in mind during every conversation you have with this person from now. If they joke about a pet penguin, for instance, buy them a stuffed toy. If you share a hatred for cats, get them a book which reflects this sentiment. What you’re aiming for here is something which would look like rubbish to anyone else, but which puts an instant smile on your receiver’s face. Sometimes, the meaning we give these gifts is all it takes to get this right.

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