Ill All The Time? Maybe It's Because Of Your Job!

Many people often complain about their work. They may struggle to wake up in the morning to get there on time, and they may also have to deal with a terrible commute that puts them in a bad mood before they’ve already even got to the office. These small niggles and annoyances can be frustrating, but the majority of people still get on with work. After all, they are easy to deal with and don’t seem to be problems that are too big in the grand scheme of things.

However, some people have much bigger worries when it comes to their job - it could be making them ill. There are some jobs out there that are more dangerous than others; for instance, employees might be required to handle toxic materials or spend time in precarious places. But it’s not just these obviously dangerous jobs that can put people’s health at risk. In fact, any job can be harmful. Read on to find out more and see if your job could be a risk to your health.

Exposure To Asbestos

One of the main dangers facing people working in the building and construction industries is asbestos. This is a material that was widely used when building homes and other large structures throughout most of the twentieth century. However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the century when the building industry stopped using it. These days, though, it still poses a risk, as it needs to be removed from any building in which it is still in. Even though it is safe when untouched, builders need to be extra careful when handling it. If you know that you have handled this material at work in the past, you might want to contact the NBA law firm if you were not given the correct safety gear. That’s because you could put in a claim for compensation if the contact makes you ill.

Repetitive Strain Injury

You might think that you are safe from work-related illnesses if you sit at a desk all day. After all, offices are relatively safe environments, right? Well, unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily true. That’s because a lot of office workers are at risk of developing repetitive strain injury. This occurs when they spend long periods of time typing at their laptop. Typing for hours on end can strain the muscles in your fingers, hands, and lower arms, and this can end up being very painful indeed. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cures as of yet for repetitive strain injury, it is easy to prevent, though - you just need to ensure that you take plenty of breaks away from your computer to give your hands and arms a rest.

High Blood Pressure

We all know that work can get stressful at times. That’s especially the case if you are working to tight deadlines and have a very long to-do list. This can lead to an increase in your stress level, which isn’t good for your health at all. In fact, all of that stress can build up to the point where it affects your blood pressure. This can be bad for your health as high blood pressure is linked to a lot of serious health conditions. If it goes unnoticed and not treated, it can greatly increase the chance of you developing heart disease and other dangerous health conditions. If you do find out you have high blood pressure, you should try to reduce your stress at work and ensure you are able to properly relax at the end of the day at home.

Eye Strain

Office workers should also be aware that they are at a high risk of eye strain and other computer-related eye conditions. Even though most eye problems that arise from excessive computer use don’t weaken the sight, they can still prove to be uncomfortable and painful. If you do work at a computer all day, you should give your eyes a ten-minute break every hour. You can do this at your computer, as you just need to look away from the screen for a short time.

Poor Sleep Patterns

Many workers who work shifts often find that the strange hours they work has a negative effect on their sleep patterns. Ideally, you should be getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. But don’t worry if you need to take these hours during the day - just as long as you are getting enough sleep!

Hopefully, you don’t suffer from any of these conditions!

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  1. Very interesting! I know that my job contributes to me getting sick occasionally.


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