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How to Take Good Instagram Photos

With so many people posting to Instagram on a daily basis, it is normal to want to find a way to stand out from the crowd, to offer something different that will catch the eye of the Instagram users who happen to see it and get more attention for yourself. There is a lot of competition out there and millions of other Instagram users are most likely also thinking about how they can improve their photos and make a bigger impact on the social network.

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With around half a billion active users on Instagram every day and more than a hundred million photos uploaded on a daily basis, it is no wonder that people are thinking up new ways to get attention from their fellow Instagram users as the ones that get the most attention are those who stand out from the crowd with something different.

How can you be different?

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, the easy answer is to take better pictures but this, in turn, leads to further questions. Taking better pictures does not involve a simple formula as pictures are a subjective medium and while some people will like your content, others won't. As such, there has to be a focus on what you can do to frame the picture and present it in the best way possible. It's important to be happy with your content. Because you may not be able to control the audience to get more views on Instagram reels or stories. No matter how good the picture is, you are not going to change people's preferences regarding its content. The blog EarthWeb recommends for a better focus on what you can do to improve the presentation of the picture so that those Instagram users out there who are interested in the content will be able to appreciate it in addition to the work you have put into presenting the photo.

What are some ways to improve your pictures?

The next step is finding ways to improve your photos so that you can present them in a way that will generate a more positive response from your followers and other Instagram users. Here are just a few ideas which can help you improve the quality of your pictures and get you more attention on Instagram with each upload. Starting with...

Capturing the perfect moment

It may sound a bit cheesy but it is a very basic idea to search for and one that will help you get more attention. When you are out and about, look around you and see if your eyes can spot any unique moments that you think the wider world would be interested in. If you are interested in it then get a picture of it and upload it to Instagram. After all, your Instagram feed should be a collection of photos about your interests and an expression of yourself.

Have your pictures tell stories

Related to the above, look out for scenes of people interacting with each other or with nature. In this way, you can use the image to piece together a story, even if it may seem like a simple one. People laughing together, families playing with each other or with their pets, animals getting up close with city life, all these are situations that you can use to tell a small story.

Take your time to prepare a shot

Don't rush into your photo. If you see something you like or you think you have an idea, that's great. However, you should take your time to get it right. Maybe you need to set it up properly or maybe you need to take it a few times before it comes out right. While inspiration is not always easy to come by, when it does hit you, think about how to make the most of it.

Use nature as your backdrop

Make the most of the natural light that is abundant or the natural setting that surrounds you. These are ways to enhance the colors of your photos and give them a fresher look, something that will surely stand out on the feeds of most Instagram users.

Then wait for the likes...

Once you have got those Instagram photos you have been looking for, it's time to put it up on Instagram and wait for the likes and comments from all your followers and Instagram users to roll in as they let you know just what a good job you did. Likes and comments are a guaranteed way to let you know that your picture was taken with success and that everyone can see it. Getting these from your followers is a good sign but if your photo is really popular, it could easily cross over and get attention from beyond your circle of followers. The more interaction your content gets, the more likely this is to happen. If this is what you are looking for but it isn't quite happening for you then you can also look into paying for Instagram users to give you these features. Websites such as insta4liker offer Instagram users the chance to pay for likes, comments, and followers in order to boost the interaction and engagement with your profile. This is the first step on the path to getting more attention for your Instagram account and being able to take it to a bigger stage.

Getting the right photo can be hard to get right but if you follow the tips above, you should be able to get it right in no time. When you get it right, you will notice that people will appreciate your efforts more and this will give you a boost in Instagram engagement.

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