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How to Find the Best Pet Friendly Holiday Park for You & Your Dog

These days lots of people choose to include their dog (or dogs) when they plan a holiday, and as a result, there are lots more holiday parks which advertise themselves as dog-friendly in the hope of tapping into this market.

That may sound great but the reality is that with so much choice it’s even harder than ever to know which will be the best choice for both you and your pet, and unless you are returning to a favorite spot it’s hard to know which option will actually deliver what is promised.

That’s why we have some great advice on how a two-pronged approach to this conundrum.

Step 1 - Work out what matters to you
You can afford to be quite picky, so have a good think about what is a must, as well as what would be nice but isn’t essential. Do this before even searching online so you can narrow down the field of results to a manageable level. At this stage useful areas to consider include:

- Your budget, for the holiday park fees and any extra charge made for your dog(s)
- Location – how far are you willing to travel? Is there an area of the UK you really want to
- Do you favor nature and the countryside over the beach and coast?

Searching with some relevant keywords to narrow the search will still produce plenty of links to wade through, but here is where you can sort through them with your second stage approach.

Step 2 – Assessing what a holiday park offers
Sadly some places reserve the poorest accommodation for guests with dogs, while others allow them to stay but make no further effort to cater to their needs. Scrap those and concentrate on the holiday parks which offer things like dog walking, daycare or day kenneling services, (even if you won’t need them the fact that they exist says a lot), or those which advertise local dog-friendly attractions, good routes for walking with pets and so on.

Some sites even have special areas where you can shower your dog, perfect after a long, muddy walk or to clean up sandy paws after a day at the beach.

Once you have a few strong possibilities make sure you check the photographs of the facilities offered and the accommodation. Ask for them if they are not easily available on a website. Also do a little digging around online for reviews from other dog owners, or ask about a place on forums or Facebook groups.

These can also be good sources for suggestions if you are pushed for time or still struggling to make a decision, as are lists of holiday resorts recommended in blog articles by serious dog fans.

Once you are settled in a fabulous holiday park with a happy dog it will be well worth the effort you made to source something great, rather than settle for the first place you came across.
Final Words

So hopefully after reading that you feel a bit more confident in finding an appropriate holiday package for you and your best friend. But if you feel you need a little more help, check out Dogs Barn for advice and help on finding hot tub holidays for dogs.

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