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DIY Delivery Driver Holiday Thank You Treat Basket + Free Printable

I'm sure you've seen this cute idea floating around on social media before. Last year, I decided to put out a little bucket of treats for our delivery drivers around the first of December. We mostly know all of our mail carriers and package delivery drivers by name. A few of them have watched my kids grow up, and we love when they stop by. As you can imagine, as a blogger, I receive a lot of packages and a lot of mail. The mail carriers and delivery drivers play a part in keeping me in business, and I couldn't do what I do without them.

The magic of Christmas also wouldn't be possible without our amazing delivery folks. They are tirelessly working to get us our packages on time. Just last week, USPS was delivering our Amazon packages at 7:30 am! Sometimes our mail doesn't arrive this time of year until 9 pm. Gosh, I feel for those who are out walking, driving, delivering our mail. You can bet that some of these fine folks don't always get to stop and have lunch. These simple treats may not mean much to me or you, but they mean a lot to the folks we're able to share them with!

To say thanks, we put a basket by our front door and fill it up with bottled water, granola bars, little snack items, like nuts, dried fruits, even individually packaged candies, depending on the week. I put the basket out right after Thanksgiving when our drivers are at their busiest. We keep the basket filled all through the holiday season so they can grab a snack or some cold water. If I had more room and more time, I'd love to set up a thermos with hot chocolate! 

Download and print this adorable Holiday Treat Basket Sign!

I made a little sign to hang below the basket, encouraging our delivery friends to grab a treat, on us! Just our little way of thanking them for all that they do to help make the holiday season merry and bright for our family. I added our name to the sign, and then made a free printable thank you sign, which you can download without the family name. Just grab some markers and fill your name in before you add the sign to your basket!

Here are a few basket filler ideas:

Individually wrapped candies
Snack Cakes
Granola or cereal bars
Individually packaged nuts
Fruit leather
Bottled water

Add a little garland or a bow to the basket to make it festive!
Be sure to replace the snacks each week during the holiday season.

I hope you'll consider sharing your thanks with these hardworking men and women this holiday season. If you have the chance to get to know the folks who deliver your mail and packages, I strongly encourage you to do so!

Be Merry!

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