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Smart Ways to Spruce up Your Bathroom

Having a sparkling clean and luxurious bathroom is definitely not as easy as it seems. If it could only stay clean on its own, looking as fresh as the bathrooms on Pinterest, and with everything you need in order to feel pampered and comfortable.

While you will probably have to wait another decade or two for that self-cleaning bathroom, you can absolutely make your cleaning station a bit easier to manage. Here is a handful of tips on how to take your bathroom to the next level so that you can enjoy the feeling of a sparkling clean space without all the hassle.

First: Make it easier to clean

Keeping the bathroom clean is one of the number one things we’re looking for when it comes to cleaning hacks. The hard-water stains are just impossible to get rid of sometimes and all those lime stains seem to build up as soon as we turn around.

If you want a bathroom that’s easy to clean, you should first get a little basket to keep your cleaning stuff handy. That way, you can simply give it a quick wipe or two without even thinking about it - and you don’t have to look at those hard-water stains anymore.

Lemon is great for getting rid of them, by the way, as well as anything else that’s acidic such as vinegar. Just let a few drops rest of your tap, for example, and clean it off in one go.

Opt for aluminum Venetians rather than curtains in the bathroom, by the way, and give them a little clean once in a while to clear away any dust that gathers over time.

By bringing in a plant or two that enjoys moist conditions, you’ll also be able to improve the inside air and give the whole space a feeling of being fresher. Have a look at this article to learn more about the perfect bathroom plants.

Next: Think storage

In order to both make it easier to clean and easier to look at, in general, you should store away as much as possible from the sink area. The more stuff you have standing around, the more cluttered and unorganized it will look - plus, a tidy sink is way easier to clean than one that is occupied by different bottles and soaps.

Get yourself a few storage baskets and store everything in these to keep it tidy. You might as well pick it up while getting a basket for your cleaning stuff, by the way, so that you’ve taken care of everything in one go.

Fresh and clean bathrooms need to be looked after but, if you manage to do it often enough, it won’t really be that much of a hassle. Make your kids help you out as soon as they’re old enough to handle a sponge and it should be a lot easier to keep a clean house.

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