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Cleanse And Hydrate Your Skin With The SPA DR.'s Daily Essentials 4-Step Skincare System

 Thank you to The SPA DR. for providing me with a wonderful 4-step Skincare System for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As we welcome the fall and this beautiful holiday season, we know that summer and the days of basking in the sunshine are gone for the year. Unfortunately, the effects of those sunny days are still on our skin, that is, until we put the hydration back into it with The SPA DR.'s 4-step Skincare System. 

Our face is the first thing that we see when we look into the mirror and the first thing that others see when we greet them. I have found that this amazing skincare system has made that a much more enjoyable experience for me all the way around.

First, you cleanse your skin with this hydrating gentle cleanser. I started by removing all of my makeup and then applying this creamy product to my damp face. My face genuinely felt fresh and much cleaner with this product and there was an instant smoothness that I had never felt, it was silky and soft. The best part about this cleanser is that unlike many others, it did not dry out my face at all. At first, I thought it was too good to be true so I waited a few minutes to see if my skin would get that unpleasant tight feeling, but that never happened and my face continued to feel quite lovely. 


The second step is meant to nourish our face with an antioxidant serum that comes in the form of a clear gel. It has a refreshing lemon scent that fades as you massage it into your skin and left not only my face, but my fingers feeling smooth and silky after I applied it. The bottle says to use 1-3 pumps, I always approach instructions like this with caution because I tend to like to use too much rather than too little, but 3 pumps was more than plenty. The gel dried quickly, but not too fast and did not leave a heavy or oily layer on my skin.


Since the gel from step 2 dried quickly, I was able to quickly and easily apply step 3, renew. This enriched moisturizer is creamy and much like step 2, has a nice lemon scent that fades quickly into the skin. It added a feeling much like that of lotion, this thicker texture also called for 1-3 pumps, however, I found that using four worked better for me. At this point, I cannot believe how soft and healthy my face looks and feels. 

The final step, enhance, is meant to add a glowing boost to our skin and with its baby oil like texture, it does just that. It suggests that we smooth 1-3 pumps onto our face, I found that 3 pumps are more than plenty. This last application left my face looking shiny and youthful.

I used this system for a week before I wrote this review to see if it did more than just feel great during application and it did !! My face had red marks that cleared up and my pores looked smaller. I never expected for these changes to occur, I only expected to look and feel moisturized so these were very welcomed enhancements to my face. I not only recommend The SPA DR.'s 4-step Skincare System for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones, but I will be buying more of it for myself as well. 

Want it? Get it!

Go to TheSPADR.com to find this amazing skincare system and many other wonderful products. This system is broken down to be sold separately but is much friendlier on the wallet when purchased as a kit for $199.99. 

Thanks to The Spa Dr. for allowing me to share about their wonderful products! Be sure to look for them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Be beautiful... be you!

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